Best Place for Live Music

Phoenix Park (330 Riverfront Terrace, Eau Claire) emerged as this year’s most popular spot for live listening after placing No. 2 the previous year. With simultaneous singing, swaying, sipping, socializing, de-stressing, snacking, and sight-seeing, Phoenix Park has become an essential Eau Claire site —  particularly as a venue for some summer night songs. The next two venues are new to the Valley but have already made a lasting impression. Despite being open less than a year, the versatile and pristine Pablo Center at the Confluence (128 Graham Ave., Eau Claire) has already been the site of an impressive list of live performances. And Altoona’s newly opened River Prairie Center (1445 Front Porch Place) has hosted live music, as has the surrounding River Prairie Park, offering a beautiful spot for musing to the melodies. — Taylor Reisdorf