Best of the Chippewa Valley 2019

after 12 years of this poll, we reflect on all that is great in the Chippewa Valley

This year’s poll saw perennial winners continue to dominate (The Joynt, Girolamo’s Court’n House), plus some exciting newcomers mixing things up (Locavore, Pablo Center). But like every year, we had no idea how this thing was gonna shake out. This poll is completely driven by Chippewa Valley folks who are passionate to support (and if not support, weigh in on) every tiny facet of this community they love.

As you peruse these results, keep in mind ways to take advantage of them. If you see a great thing you haven’t tried, go try it! If something you disagree with disappoints you, let people know! We should all be striving to celebrate the things we have and to work toward the things we don’t. That’s how places and people grow in harmony together.

This is big deal to us and – we believe – to this community. It starts with being active and engaged, trying things, going places, interacting with both your neighbors and your friends. So without further ado, here are the best of best.

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About That Cake Up There

The Best Of 2019 cake cover was conceptualized, designed, and photographed by Volume One staff – Joel Pearish, Mackenzie Kavanagh, and Taylor McCumber – with a cake-baking and design assist from Anastasia Wolbert of Menomonie. And yes, it was delicious.

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