Rear View Mirror: Looking Back at Some Scenes from the City’s History

get revved up with these photos from the Chippewa Valley Museum

Diana Peterson |

This photo featuring both the YMCA and Hobbs Supply is double the fun from 1916. Before Eau Claire’s YMCA moved into its current location in 1961, it was housed in various buildings. The building in this photo was at 101-105 S. Farwell St. It had a large pool in the basement as well as a large gymnasium and a lady’s parlor. Hobbs Supply began in 1885 and served the community with a variety of products over the years including lumber mill supplies; hardware; sporting goods; creamery supplies; plumbing items; and heating, water, and air conditioning materials.

In 1942, Eau Claire Transit did its part to support the war effort. Here is their bus No. 104 with a sign reminding the public to “Speed them Back, Join the WAC (Women’s Army Corps).”

Before The Nucleus served up breakfast at 405 Water St., several businesses occupied the spot, including The Eau Claire Cycle Shop in 1948.

If you like cool old photos like these from Eau Claire’s history, check out the upcoming exhibit “Then and Now: 150 Years of Change in Eau Claire,” opening April 30 at the Chippewa Valley Museum.

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Founding Stories

Founding Stories

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