Founding Stories - Huebsch - EST. 1891

Four generations of lightening local loads

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Seeing a need to support the hardworking lumberers in Eau Claire, two sons of German immigrants, John and Joseph Huebsch, founded Huebsch Laundry Company in 1891, delivering clean laundry to blue-collar workers across Eau Claire using horse-drawn buggies or – in winter – sleighs.

Understanding the needs of their local communities has always been important to Huebsch. Their dedication to community didn’t stop when the 1918 flu pandemic hit. The company wore face masks, and CEO John Huebsch was quoted in the local news saying, “If one individual is saved from disease, the effect will be repaid.” More than a century later, the company’s support for the community continues through extensive charitable donations and a commitment to sustainability with a 100kw solar installation at the Eau Claire facility.

Last year Huebsch broke ground on a 14,000-square-foot expansion, which will feature an improved working environment to support their customers and employees. “Giving back is at the heart of what we do at Huebsch,” President and CEO Jim Vaudreuil said. “The hometowns of our employees and customers are our hometowns too. That’s what it means to be a local family-owned business.”

Founding Stories

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Founding Stories

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