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The Eau Claire Temple of Freemasonry is one of Eau Claire’s most historic landmarks.

It has had many uses beyond Masonic gatherings since its opening in 1928, including dinner theaters, concerts, and many wedding ceremonies and receptions. Behind the scenes of these celebrations is a dense history detailing its founders commitment to seeing it come to life.

Established in 1859, construction on the building began in 1927 at what is currently Graham Avenue. The Masonic Temple was designed by Edward G. Hancock to provide facilities for various Masonic organizations, and has since been designated as a historical landmark on the National Register of Historic Places by the Eau Claire Landmarks Commission and by the US Department of the Interior.

The Masonic Temple has hosted two groups who are older than the city (150+ years old), others which are 125+ years old, and two others that are 90 years old. Inside you’ll find an auditorium, wardrobe, grand ballroom, small dining room, commercial kitchen, classroom, offices, three lounges, and two Symbolic Lodge rooms.

This grand 47,000 square foot Neo-classical structure stands ready to welcome you back in time to the roots your grandfather established for you.

Founding Stories

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Founding Stories

Founding Stories

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