Founding Stories - Muldoon’s Men’s Wear - EST. 1950

A one-stop-shop for gentlemen wear

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In September of 1950, Frank Muldoon opened Muldoon’s Men’s Wear and Varsity Shop in the Gateway Shopping Center on South Hastings Way in the middle of an open field the hope of supplying the people of the Chippewa Valley with quality attire. Many people laughed. Some said, “Muldoon … you’ll never last six Months!” But here they are 72-years-later still going strong.

Back in 1950, the left half of the building was a women’s beauty salon, the right side was their store. Before serving the Air Force in WWII, Frank was a hairdresser and owned Frank’s Beauty Salon in downtown Eau Claire. He always felt that a women’s beauty salon and a men’s store would be a good combination.

In 1968 Frank expanded his menswear business into the former beauty salon next door, contributing to the now 3,000-square-feet of storefront they enjoy. The signs have changed over the years, paint has been added, and neighbors have come and gone, but through it all they continue in the same spot as they did in 1950.

Now owned by Frank’s son John Muldoon, the store continues to be a one-stop-shop for gentlemen wear for Chippewa Valley residents generation-after-generation.

Founding Stories

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Founding Stories

Founding Stories

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