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UWEC Grad and Moroccan Cooking Expert Appears On Netflix Show

Amanda Mouttaki's first passion is traveling. Her second is sharing recipes.

Diana Peterson

Do you ever daydream about moving to another country and immersing yourself in that culture? Amanda Mouttaki had that desire. After her first ...

Release Your Inner Archivist and Help Chronicle COVID-19 in the Valley

CV Museum, UWEC collaborate to create pandemic archive

Diana Peterson

Most of the time, people donate items to museums because they have historical significance – for example, a letter written by Benjamin Franklin. Currently there is a project in our community to collect items being used today. A team ...

Gardening Is Cheaper Than Therapy (And You Get Tomatoes!)

newbie gardeners: take heed and dig in

Diana Peterson

One of the benefits of sheltering at home is having additional time to explore new interests. This is a great time to invest in a garden because we have the extra hours to research and ...

Playing With Your Food

local man serves up a restaurant-themed game

Diana Peterson

When someone is involved in the restaurant business, they accumulate a lot of interesting stories, humorous as well as horrifying. While the typical thought is ...

Arm Yourself With Bulletproof Coffee

the buzz on butter-fortified beans

Diana Peterson

Bulletproof coffee is all over social media. Some people say it allows you to be creative and super focused. To others, it’s a lot of hype about nothing. Or maybe it’s ...

Learning to Write Your Life Story

Patti See and Bruce Taylor lead an upcoming memoir workshop series

Diana Peterson

Writing is how we capture our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings and express them to others. Veteran Chippewa Valley writers Patti See and Bruce Taylor understand the importance of that process ...

Cooking Up a Good Time

restaurant experience inspires card game

Diana Peterson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Dave Schneider has spent his entire career in the restaurant business, so it was only natural when he decided to create a card game that it would involve a culinary theme. It occurred to him that he ...

The End of the World!

you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to write a techno-thriller – but it helps

Diana Peterson

Rick Jurmain has been a rocket scientist, an inventor, a business owner … and now he can add writer to the list: the perfect portable career for someone who loves to travel ...

The Art of Slow Cooking

Karl’s Bar-B-Q Express gives catering success a Chippewa Falls home

Diana Peterson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Karl Hartkemeyer isn’t just a barbecue chef; he’s a barbecue artist. While attending school for engineering, he became a restaurant cook to pay for his schooling. Hartkemeyer honed his culinary skills ...

Altoona's New Coffee Joint Brings Beans From All Over the World

Diana Peterson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Getting coffee has become an important part of our morning (and afternoon, and evening) routine. Coffee is more than a beverage: It’s a science, a passion, and a way of life. Cabin Coffee in Altoona’s River Prairie has figured that out ...

Fulton's Workshop: Where Technology and History Meet

"I live for today. I dream for tomorrow, and I learn from yesterday." – Fulton Holtby

Diana Peterson, photos by Taylor Smith

Innovation is the essence of the Holtby Exhibit at the Russell J. Rassbach Heritage Museum in Menomonie. This new exhibit mixes the art of technology with history, communicating that anything is possible ...

Policeman With a Pen

law-enforcement career inspires crime novelist

Diana Peterson

Neal Griffin, an Eau Claire native, entered the crime-writing world three years ago with his debut novel, Benefit of the Doubt. His new release, By His Own Hand, set in the Eau Claire-inspired city ...

Petal Pusher: Florist provides fresh take on bridal arrangements

Diana Peterson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A bridal bouquet can truly capture the personality of a couple beginning their new life adventure. Mikelle Larson of Fersk Floral Artistry understands that and works hard to design stunning custom flower ...

Doors of Diversity

professor’s book chronicles how community centers help immigrant families

Diana Peterson

More than half of U.S. school children are now people of color, many from immigrant and refugee families. These students have a variety of issues to deal with as they traverse from school to family life ...