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Worst Stoplight

Someday, driverless cars will make us yearn for the simple sense of order provided by the lowly stoplight. Until then, we’re all going to complain like heck about these little nuisances of modern transportation. Clairemont Avenue takes the cake here, as anyone who has driven in literally any other city understands that it WOULD BE POSSIBLE to time the lights so one needn’t stop at every other intersection. Next are the stoplights on Gateway Drive and Prill Road, which service Kohls, Target, Menards, Walmart, and Sam’s Club, to name a few. That poor piece of traffic technology never stood a chance. Finally are the lights at Highway 93 and Golf Road, which are kind of like a fun middle finger to all our guests arriving and departing on the interstate. If you see a yellow, you better go for it! –Eric Rasmussen