Bump, Set, Dome!

slots still available for one-of-a-kind volleyball leagues

Trevor Kupfer, photos by Frank H. Robinson

If you haven’t heard about the indoor sand volleyball sensation in Chippewa Falls, allow me to get you in the “loop” just in time to sign up for a winter league.

Bill “Loopy” Kleitch opened the Loopy Dome in mid-October to the delight of the 100 teams in his bar’s fall volleyball league. Those lucky individuals had the opportunity to play indoors, on heated sand, mind you, through mid-December. Loopy’s 40-foot dome is held up by air pressure, but don’t think of it as one of those inflatable castles at a carnival. It’s a bit more advanced than that.

“We’re the only indoor sand volleyball court with a bar that I know of in the world,” Loopy said. “It’s definitely one of a kind.”

The dome, which came with a hefty $800,000 price tag, has a full-service bar and staff will gladly deliver any food item from the bar’s menu. Loopy also recently completed bathrooms in the dome and, in spring, will finish up a showering facility. So it’s a bit more than a balloon and some sand pits.

As for patrons’ reactions after its inaugural season, let’s just say they aren’t exactly complaining.

    “It has been unbelievable,” Loopy said. “Everybody walks in the door and says, ‘Wow.’ And people are coming from all over to check it out. The reaction has been overwhelming.”

Currently, teams are filling up Loopy’s winter league roster, as games begin the first week of January. Like the fall league, this one will feature three talent levels each night from Sunday to Thursday (beginning at 6:30 pm and ending at 10:30 pm). But this season will also feature leagues on Sunday afternoons, Friday evenings, and a late-night one for third-shifters.

If you’re not up for the winter season (at a $240 cost per team due to energy costs), you could wait until the dome comes down in April for summer leagues ($60 a team), or inflates back up for fall ($180 a team). Otherwise Loopy’s plans parties at the dome regularly, plus accepts reservations for private parties, and keeps the courts open on Friday nights for play.    Loopy’s still has openings for every night of the week in winter, “but you better hurry, because they fill up quick,” Loopy said.

    For more information visit Loopy’s website at www.723loop.com or at the bar itself at 10691 Highway 29, Chippewa Falls.