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FEATURE: The Life and Death and Life of the State Theatre

Once a shuttered movie palace, the State Theatre became a beloved arts center and a key element of Eau Claire's artistic renaissance.

Tom Giffey, design by Eric Christenson, photos by Andrea Paulseth, Luong Huynh, Lee Butterworth, Timothy Mather, Caitlyn Berlin, Brandon Jenness, Frank H. Robinson, Kelsey Smith

Fire Away: Your guide to lighting up the night with fireworks

Julia van Allen, photos by Frank H. Robinson

With summer fully in swing and the nation’s birthday coming up in just a few weeks, we can’t imagine a world without fireworks. What better way is there for a backyard pyromaniac to kick off the summer ...

Michael Rambo Pulls Out All the Stops for Upcoming Show

the two-hour show - called "Smashing Ideals" - will be broadcasted live to the web

Eric Christenson, photos by Frank H. Robinson

The Michael Rambo Project has been making music in Eau Claire for a long time now, with catchy pop covers, old soul standards, and some infectious Rambo originals. But for his next upcoming gig on Sept. 12 at Peace Church, Rambo is teaming up with local filmmaker Alex Kolb ...

Sunday Event Picks (April 12)

V1 Staff, photos by Frank H. Robinson

From early in the morning and into the night – a lot of fine quality events occurring on Sunday. Wanna know what they are? Of course you do.

Precision Course

chippewa valley sports car club's autocross puts enthusiasts behind the wheel

Mike Seitz, photos by Frank H. Robinson

What we drive is often just a means of transportation, giving us a way to get from point A to point B. For members of the Chippewa Valley Sports Car Club, a car is something that becomes a lot of your personality, explains Steven Andringa. Steven ...

The Grass is Always Blue-er

back by popular demand, bluegrass festival rolls on

Luke Hoppe, photos by Frank H. Robinson

As many of you know already Eau Claire has part of the budding music scene here in Wisconsin since … well since The Joynt was a famous jazz club, if you really want to get technical, but only recently has reemerged as a blossoming area full of ...

Bluegrass on the Water

WHYS Bluegrass Festival to fill Lake Altoona Park

Marni Kaldjian, photos by Frank H. Robinson

“And if it weren’t for bluegrass music, I’d go crazy,” sings musician Tommy Webb. Banjo pickin’ lovers have nothing to worry about – WHYS community radio is here to fill the bluegrass deficiencies that lie within you. The fifth ...

Sixty-four Years New

Beatles memorabilia shop opens in downtown EC

Marni Kaldjian, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Downtown Eau Claire is getting a taste of Beatlemania thanks to Eli Bremer, native of Winona, Minn. Located on 128 Barstow St., When I’m Sixty Four carries Beatles memorabilia ranging from lunch pails to figurines, first issue stamps to a $2,500 ...

It's All in the Family

an online music community flourishes in Eau Claire

Thom Fountain, photos by Frank H. Robinson

The Do-It-Yourself movement has flourished in recent years with thousands of books and TV programs teaching you how to do everything from plant a garden to build a whole dang house. But at its heart, DIY is kind of lonely, isn’t it? Enter: FMLY ...

Opening Shot | May 17, 2011

photos by Frank H. Robinson

Local youths, shown here en route to a pot of gold. A rainbow bursts skyward, as seen from Phoenix Park in downtown Eau Claire, immediately following evening downpours on Tuesday, May 8.

No Brand Con XI

photos by Frank H. Robinson

Wisconsin's premiere anime convention, No Brand Con, celebrated its eleventh annual convention May 4-6, 2012 at the Plaza Hotel in Eau Claire.

The Great Wis. Geek-Together

NoBrandCon bring new levels of anime awesomeness

Emily Gresbrink, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Attention self-proclaimed nerds, anime buffs, and gamers: NoBrandCon is back. And it’s bigger and better than ever, co-directors Christopher Sturz and Amy Quinlan said. Eau Claire’s own anime convention and “three-day celebration of nerd culture” ...

The Ren Faire cometh back(eth)

Thom Fountain, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Well, it's that time of year again. Here it goes. Hear ye! Hear ye! Huzzah and alas and bollocks and verily! The Renaissance-eth Faire-eth return-eth yet-eth again-eth! You read that right (probably). The Chippewa Valley Ren Faire is coming back ...

Adelyn Rose

folk rockers take new direction with debut album

Taylor Kuether, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Even lead singer and namesake of the band, Addie Strei, will tell you that the band’s soon-to-be-released album, Mezzanine, is a different sound than what they’ve evolved into, but both versions of local group Adelyn Rose definitely have heart.

Eau Claire Zombie Pub Crawl 2011 (Updated!)

photos by Jessica Vollmer, Frank H. Robinson

On Saturday, October 15, a mob of people gathered in downtown Eau Claire's Wilson Park, and by some means or another were transformed into zombies. They later shambled forth, filling the streets (and local taverns) with undead fun.

The Heart Pills + Halloween, Alaska @Back Stage Concert Series

photos by Frank H. Robinson

On Thursday Sept. 8, the Back Stage Concert Series kicked off a new season with Eau Claire tin-can folksers The Heart Pills opening things up for Minneapolis favorites Halloween, Alaska. At the Back Stage Concert Series, the bands, the audience ...

Greg Brown at the State Theatre

photos by Frank H. Robinson

The State Theatre welcomed Greg Brown and Guests to the stage Thursday, Aug 12.

Good for the Sol

Irie Sol’s second album takes a raw approach to their dancetastic sound

Aryn Widule, photos by Frank H. Robinson

If you’ve lived in Eau Claire over the last seven years, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve either heard of, witnessed, listened to, or played in Irie Sol. Eau Claire’s very own reggaejazzohiphoppaska band is releasing its second album. Known for...

Adelyn Rose & Dead Dogs at the House of Rock in 35mm

photos by Frank H. Robinson

On Saturday, July 30, Dead Dogs, (featuring local trumpet phenom Jeff Walk) and Adelyn Rose performed at the House Rock. Gentle Guest also performed (not pictured).

Take the Heart Pills

“skuzzy junkyard blues” quartet set to release debut LP

Eric Christenson, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Say there’s a person jonesing for a skuzzy junkyard/blues/rock fix and they’ve been perpetually frustrated by other towns severe lack thereof. That person could park the RV in the Chippewa Valley and let it rust forever because Eau Claire darlings...

4th of July Events

V1 Staff, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Just a quick roundup of the Chippewa Valley's major Fourth of July events. Get your patriotism on, yo.

The Heart Pills at The Fire House

photos by Frank H. Robinson

The Eau Claire Fire House featured local indie darlings The Heart Pills on Thursday, June 29 (2011).

No Brand Con X

photos by Frank H. Robinson

Our very own convention of sundry geekery, No Brand Con, celebrated its tenth annual convention April 15-17 at the Plaza Hotel in Eau Claire. An anime-ated time was had by all.

2011 April Fools Day Pillow Fight

photos by Frank H. Robinson

This year's citywide April Fools Day pillow fight went down on April 1 on the corner of Madison & Forest Streets in Eau Claire, Wis. A great time was had by all. Except the pillows.

Do it Yourself Daisy CD Release Show + The Heart Pills

photos by Frank H. Robinson

Local bluesternative rock duo Do it Yourself Daisy is best described as if The Black Keys met The White Stripes and "decided to be less talented". DIY Daisy celebrated their self-titled CD's release with local tin can folk punk band ...

No Brand Con X

our very own convention of sundry geekery turns ten

Trevor Kupfer, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Before Milwaukee. Before Madison. Before Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Before any other city in Wisconsin and Minnesota. There was NoBrandCon.Now in its tenth year, NoBrandCon is the longest-running animé-centric convention.

The Heart Pills, Dirty Horse & Matt Vold

photos by Frank H. Robinson

On Friday, March 18, local tin can folk punk band The Heart Pills performed with Duluth gritty folk band Dirty Horse and local acoustic blues musician Matt Vold at the House of Rock. Photos are of Dirty Horse and Matt Vold.

Eau Claire Uprising

a local effort to promote metal shows and happenings

Andrew Patrie, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Is metal in need of a savior? On a global scale I remember reading how Gojira were going to save death metal and Enforcer were going to save traditional heavy metal, even though both styles have been doing just fine.

The Next 24 Hours

UWEC Players restart the clock on their 24-Hour Project

Andy Plank, photos by Frank H. Robinson

There are few, nay, no performances quite like the UWEC Players’ 24 Hour Project. In fact, there isn’t even a word that properly labels the event. If I had the lingual authority to make one up, I’d call it a theatriconcerdancartshowcase.

Take Part in a Whirlwind of Stage Creativity

Andy Plank, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Artists draw inspiration from a plethora of experiences and directions. Ideas big and small are filtered through a creative process that can take weeks, months, even years to complete.

THIS WEEK: Decadent Cabaret 2011

annual festival of rocking tributes returns to House of Rock

Scott Morfitt, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Decadent Cabaret exemplifies itself in three ways. One is that they have the best adjective-noun combinations for describing an event. Just take a second and think about what you expect from a cabaret that is decadent.

4 on the Floor

we’re taking notice of these Twin Cities blues rockers

Trevor Kupfer, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Since playing the Ramble Round Pub Crawl last summer, 4onthefloor has started to become a semi-regular player in Eau Claire’s music scene. This four-piece blues-rock outfit from Minneapolis has ...

Laarks + Meridene + Jon Sunde

photos by Frank H. Robinson

Local band Laarks' keyboard-driven electro-indie stylings rocked the Oxford on Tuesday, Dec 28. Also playing was local pop rock band Meridene who attack with charging guitar, sprawling keys and high-intesntiy percussion. Jon Sunde, guitarist for Th

Backstage Concert: S Carey + Peter Wolf Crier

photos by Frank H. Robinson

At the first 2010 installment of the Back Stage Concert Series, S. Carey (of Bon Iver fame) and Peter Wolf Crier, took to the stage on the stage at The State Theatre. The Back Stage Concert Series is a collaboration of Volume One and The State ...

The Last Waltz

photos by Frank H. Robinson

On Thursday, Nov 25 a cast of nearly thirty Eau Claire musicians took on the roles of The Band plus guests such as Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Muddy Waters, the Staples Singers, Neil Diamond, Van Morrison, Paul Butterfield, and more....

Jeff Daniels @The Heyde Center

photos by Frank H. Robinson

The consummate actor, director, playwright and musician, Jeff Daniels performed last week Friday, November 12 at the Heyde Center in Chippewa Falls.

Dead Dogs

local quintet mixes blues and jazz (for starters)

Trevor Kupfer, photos by Frank H. Robinson

They’re nearly impossible to label. They’ve got a name that attracts regular flak. And if you hear them today, you can almost guarantee it’ll be different tomorrow.

The Heart Pills + Duncan Ninja @Phoenix Park (2010)

photos by Frank H. Robinson

The last Sounds Like Summer Concert series concert for 2010 happened on Thursday, August 26th down in Phoenix Park. The line up included More Amore, The Heart Pills, and Duncan Ninja.

Big Daddy’s Barbeque

Wissota meat market sets up shack for carnivores

Ryne Thornsen, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Basically, it’s a simple, Wisconsin roots-driven idea that is done deliciously and is affordable besides.

Chalkfest Profile: Tyler Moen

Chalkfest returns in August with previous award-winner

Bailey Berg, photos by Frank H. Robinson

“I might have an inkling of what I’m going to do, but I don’t grid it out, and then recreate it. I just draw. I feel it out as I go, and just tweak it as needed.” – Tyler Moen’s artistic process for his creations at Chalkfest