What makes a GOOD NEIGHBOR?

Simple actions you can take to be a better neighbor

  • Bring food to new neighbors
  • Mow/shovel your lawn/sidewalk
  • Mow/shovel for your neighbors
  • Lend out tools
  • Clean up after your pets
  • Call your neighbor, not the cops, if they’re noisy
  • Invite your neighbor to your noisy party
  • Foster open communication
  • Stop-n-chat during a walk
  • Offer access to your swing set
  • Lend your handy skills
  • Housesit / Babysit / Petsit
  • Offer to be an emergency contact
  • Hang out on your front porch
  • Greet passersby
  • Keep each others’ kids safe
  • Be accessible and visible
  • Have a Little Free Library
  • Share your garden’s bounty
  • Invite your neighbors for dinner
  • Share a newspaper subscription
  • Check in on your neighbor if you know they are sick
  • Help reclaim stray pets
  • Give out candy at Halloween
  • Engage in neighborhood activities
  • Volunteer at your neighborhood association
  • If you don’t have a neighborhood association, start one

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