Building Blocks

Ideas and activities to improve togetherness and camaraderie within your neighborhood

Yard Game Olympics each house hosts a lawn sport contest

Tidy Town your basic neighborhood clean up

Rake It Out rake all the yards into a giant play pile (then bag it)

Snowman Central awesome snowman contest

Off They Go brunch when the lil' tykes are back at school

Drench Revolution an epic squirt gun/water balloon battle

Block Rocking a series of 10 minute concerts at each house

Wheel-n-Squeal a bike race with fun checkpoints at each house

Grill Out Throw Down a neighborly grill off – everyone tastes/votes

Harvest Swap leave-n-take homegrown goodies

Kid's Theatre 10-minute, kid-produced shows at each house

Pet Parade parade your pets down the boulevard

Workshop Festival everyone holds a quick how-to on a skill they have

Fort-a-palooza kids and adults create temporary forts

Sled Box Races customize your snow sled and race

Gourd Horde a pumpkin carving party

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