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Best Trail for Biking

Travel via two wheels is becoming more and more popular in The Chippewa Valley. Our trail systems are continually evolving and giving locals more ways to be active while enjoying the beauty surrounding our communities. With all that growth there are still the favorites we can’t get enough of. Pedaling into the number one Best Trail For Biking is the Chippewa River State Trail. A favorite for many years, this trail starts in the heart of downtown Eau Claire, winding through the city, over bridges, past farm fields, partially immersed in woods providing a view of the river, and then ending in Durand. In second place is Lowes Creek County Park (5238 S. Lowes Creek Road, Eau Claire). Unlike  the other two winners, Lowes Creek isn’t a single trail. Instead, it was the first mountain biking park in Eau Claire and offers trails ranging from beginner friendly to advanced. While testing your biking skills you can soak up views of the creek and the peacefulness of the woods, and you may encounter some wildlife or hikers as well. In third place is the trusty Old Abe State Trail, also starting in downtown Eau Claire, which makes its way north, through Chippewa Falls, Jim Falls, and all the way to Cornell. –Measha Vieth