Best Project in Progress Last Year

The Pablo Center at the Confluence (128 Graham Ave., Eau Claire) offers the community a place to experience the performing, literary, and visual arts. Opening in September after more than six years of development, this state-of-the-art facility grabbed the top spot in the poll as Best Project in Progress. Second place went to the Brewing Projekt’s new taproom (1807 N. Oxford Ave., Eau Claire) which is scheduled to open this month. With the brewing operation close enough you could practically touch it from the taproom, the venue is dedicated to “Work worth doing, and Beer worth brewing.” Located on the edge of Altoona, the River Prairie development sits along a beautiful bend in the Eau Claire River. Enjoy a walk through the park with a latte from Cabin Coffee, or share an after-dinner stroll with someone special. — Nealy Corcoran