GET SPICY IN FEBRUARY: Three Extreme Bloody Marys in the Valley

You’ve never had a meal or beverage like these – get ’em this month!

Listen, a Bloody Mary is already its own kind of perfect, but if you want a meal-in-one, you've gotta start eyeballing LOADED Bloody Marys. Here are some you’ll find in the Chippewa Valley ...

The Zing’s the Thing in This Bloody Mary Recipe

the not-so-secret ingredient is Eau Claire’s most famous condiment

Fill a pint glass to the rim with ice and add dry seasoning, horseradish, Worcestershire, vodka, pickle brine, and hot sauce. Top with tomato juice and roll the cocktail between the pint and ...

[VIDEO] Test the Best: Making A Bloody Mary - ish

our two associate editors take a whack at makin' a good 'ol Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary much? To celebrate the Bloody Mary guide in our latest issue (presented by Silver Spring Foods, we stopped by Chippewa River Distillery to learn the art of making Bloody Marys.

The Valley’s Favorite Bloody

Big T’s Bloody Mary is a perpetual winner. But what’s in it?

How do you build the best Bloody Mary in the Chippewa Valley? You start with vodka and tomato juice, of course. Add Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, horseradish, and pickle juice. But that’s just the beginning ...

Not Just Horsing Around

the zesty kick of horseradish may be just what your Bloody Mary needs

Spicy, savory, salty, tomato-y, boozy — a Bloody Mary is all this and more. A standard Bloody Mary gets that spice from hot pepper sauce (often Tabasco). But even more than many other cocktails, the Bloody Mary is an infinitely variable drink, with almost as ...

Top 10 Bloody Mary Places in the Chippewa Valley

our readers sound off about their favorites

One of the great things about being a Bloody Mary lover in the Chippewa Valley is that there are so many great places to choose from. From hole-in-the-wall taverns to brunch spots to traditional bar-and-grills, it seems everyone’s got their take on the Bloody Mary. Every year in our ...

There’s Something About (Bloody) Mary

a brief history of the drink that eats like a meal

Now that we’ve spent a whole special section of this magazine extolling the virtues of this classic cocktail, you may be wondering about a few very basic things: Namely, where did the Bloody Mary come from? And why is it called the Bloody Mary in the first place?

Bloody Mary Guide is presented by:

Silver Spring® Foods
Family owned since 1929
Eau Claire, WI

Bloody Mary Guide is presented by:

Silver Spring® Foods
Family owned since 1929
Eau Claire, WI