No laughing matter?

Eric Koeppel |

(That's a hyena.)
(That's a hyena.)

Look out Simba! Rumor has it that the hyenas are in town!   The Irvine Park Zoo in Chippewa Falls added two hyenas to its summer line-up last week according to this Chippewa Herald article.

Hyenas, who are typically found in parts of Asia and Africa, are “dog-like carnivores” whose origins go back nearly 22 million years.   The pair is currently making a home where the cougars were previously kept and will remain at the zoo until August.   Among other furry friends at the zoo this summer are zebras, lemurs, grey foxes, a yak, and many more.

These lovable carnivores will be chuckling as they bask in the Wisconsin sun all summer long, so stop by and say hello. But please, no petting!