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Best Bartender

For the third year in a row, bartender Justin Mason at Wagner's Lanes and The Complexx (2159 Brackett Ave., Eau Claire) has left no drink unshaken nor unstirred, earning him the crown of Best Bartender. People love Wagner’s Lanes and The Complexx for bowling and sports leagues, sure, but Justin is a key part of the experience, too. Todd Polus at the Wigwam Tavern (314 E. Madison St., Eau Claire) is runner-up for the second year in a row; the downtown Eau Claire watering hole is a staple, and at this point, Todd is becoming one, too. Menas at The Joynt (322 Water St., Eau Claire), is a longstanding honoree in this category, first placing more than a decade ago and landing now at No. 3. –McKenna Scherer