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Best Place for Cocktails

Into craft cocktails?

Check out Volume One's Craft of Cocktails special section - with articles and info about the local craft cocktail scene.

Have a hankering for a hand-crafted mixed drink? Dive at the Lismore Hotel (333 Gibson St., Eau Claire) has a plethora of craft cocktails for you to try – including their Old Fashioned, which won Best Craft Cocktail this year. Another great hotel bar for cocktails is The Lakely at The Oxbow Hotel (516 Galloway St., Eau Claire) – try their famous Great Grampa. Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery (3460 Mall Drive, Eau Claire) has a wide selection of craft cocktails as well as a ton of knowledge about what kinds of delectable drinks might be up your alley. –Sawyer Hoff