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The Chippewa Valley is a hot spot for a good brew, and a few places know a thing or two about giving you all the options. The Fire House (202 Gibson St., Eau Claire) offers one of the broadest selections in the area, having won this category for nine straight years. From dark to sour, hoppy to light, there’s no way you’ll leave the door without finding your niche and quenching that thirst. The selection at The Growler Guys (2832 London Road, Eau Claire) comes from far and wide, including brews all the way from Texas to right here in Eau Claire. With 60 listed options to choose from, you truly can’t go wrong. The Brewing Projekt (1807 N. Oxford Ave., Eau Claire), just as the name would imply, brews its own selections. Given they create some of the area’s favs (see Best Local Beer in the Chomping & Chugging section), this is another can’t-miss stop in Eau Claire. –Devon Verbsky