Best Restaurant for the Whole Family

Altoona Family Restaurant (2000 N. Hillcrest Pkwy., Altoona) has a number of classic meals on its kids menu, and a regular menu full of food you just can’t quite replicate at home. The staff is always smiling and patient when it comes to kids who are ready to eat —  earning Altoona Family Restaurant the No. 1 spot in the poll. Randy’s Family Restaurant (1132 W. MacArthur Ave., Eau Claire) has a friendly staff and a menu that will make mouths of any age water. Milwaukee Burger Co. (2620 E. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire), third place, offers a few unique kids’ menu items. (Have you ever eaten a peanut butter sandwich on blueberry bread?) As for the adults, the drink menu never seems to end and the burger choices are impressive. — Breana Good