Best Asian Food

Whether it’s Thai, Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese cuisine, the Chippewa Valley has it all. From pho to egg rolls to stir fry, it’s nearly impossible to run out of Asian eatery options. Voted in first place for the fourth year in a row is Egg Roll Plus (1611 Bellinger St., Eau Claire), known for its —  you guessed it! —  homemade egg rolls, among other Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Laotian dishes. Ninja Japanese and Chinese Restaurant (405 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire), known for its variety of sushi dishes, came in second. In third place is the recently reopened Shanghai Bistro (2930 Craig Road, Eau Claire), where guests can enjoy a wide range of pan-Asian cuisine, from sushi rolls to ramen. — Emilee Wentland