Best Local Brewery

The Brewing Projekt (1807 N. Oxford Ave., Eau Claire) may boast some of the best IPAs in the state, but they aren’t a one-trick pony: Make sure to check out the winter seasonals and milkshake infusions from this three-time winner as the Valley’s Best Local Brewery. Lazy Monk Brewing (97 W. Madison St., Eau Claire) has one of the coziest atmospheres in town, but they also serve a solid plethora of Bohemian and German brews (don’t miss the Imperial Pilsner). Whether you grew up in the Chippewa Valley or just enjoy a solid brew at the end of the day, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. (1 Jefferson Ave., Chippewa Falls) serves as a faithful standby for every beer-lovin’ Wisconsinite. — Katy Hackworthy