Tips and Tricks For Getting Back to the Gym

local gyms have updated regulations to keep you safe during pandemic times

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

GET FIT. During the pandemic, local gyms have a few recommendations for how to social distance.
GET FIT! During the pandemic, local gyms have a few recommendations for how to social distance.

Nothing says jumping back to normal like getting into a regular workout routine at your favorite local gym. While businesses are gradually opening up again, the coronavirus hasn’t vanished, so local gyms are taking the necessary precautions to ensure you stay safe while building healthy habits.

We’ve contacted some of your favorite local gyms for tips and tricks on how to stay safe while working out – as well as to find out what they’re doing to keep you safe.


  • Don’t come in with symptoms. If you experience a fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches, headache, loss of smell, sore throat, or other symptoms of COVID-19, stay home and give your doctor a call.
  • Take your temperature. Some gyms and health clubs, such as Burn Boot Camp in Eau Claire, ask members to take their temperature at the door. Any member with a high enough temperature (100.4, for example) is not allowed.
  • Bring your own water bottle. Some gyms, such as the YMCA, will no longer allow you to refill your water bottles. Come prepared so you don’t get dehydrated.
  • Use sanitizer. Whether it’s before, during, or after your workout, lather up to prevent the spread of germs!
  • Stay a safe distance away. Try to maintain six-foot physical distancing while at the gym.
  • Watch your feet. Some gyms or clubs, such as Burn Boot Camp in Eau Claire, have taped lines on the floor so members know exactly where to walk. “Our process is truly very smooth and easy to follow,” said Lead Trainer Mallory Daniels.
  • Sanitize a surface after you use it. Some gyms, such as Pure Fitness 4 You in Eau Claire, offer “dirty” and “clean” areas where you can put used equipment to be cleaned. “We feel it’s in everyone’s best interest to do what is best for them,” said owner Brenda Crass, “as that’s the reason we are still offering virtual classes both recorded and live-streaming as well as in-studio classes.” Pure Fitness 4 You even sanitizes pens after use!
  • Bring your own towels. Some places, such as the YMCA, will no longer provide towels, so plan to bring your own.
  • Swimming might be a no-no. When it comes to places such as the YMCA, ask about pool rules. Some pools may not be open, and others regulate how many people are allowed in the pool at one time. Remember to maintain physical distance and be respectful of others.
  • Be respectful. Watch where other people are, and avoid popping their physical distance bubble.
  • Wear a mask to and from the gym. If you can, try to wear one whenever you aren’t working out and when physical distancing isn’t possible.
  • Wash your hands when you get home. You might even consider taking a shower, too.
  • Consider a virtual workout. Though many gyms are reopening, they still offer online classes or workout sessions for folks who don’t feel comfortable going to the gym. Contact your local gym to find out if this is an option!