Drive-In Restaurants

Carside old-fashioned root beer and burgers.

Dairy Way

Hwy 12 & 27 South 111 Gebhardt Road, Black River Falls

Open April through September, this classic roadside stand has an extensive array of cold, milk-based treats. Flurries, malts and shakes are faves. Burgers grace the top of the menu, but further down are choices like chuckwagon steak sandwich and veggie sub.

Drive-In Restaurants

Gup's Drive In Restaurant

607 W Lincoln St, Augusta

The restaurant itself is fairly classic, with real carhops, real trays that mysteriously attach to your window, and old school prices. The menu offers burgers, chicken, salads, sandwiches, plus garden burgers and grilled veggie sandwiches for the non-carnivorous. There are many different ways to get your soft serve ice cream, and they make their own root beer.

Drive-In Restaurants

Panther Drive-In

1018 East Prospect Street, Durand

The menu features burgers, fish, chicken, BBQ, and steak sandwiches. Plus pick from fries, rings, hashbrowns, mushrooms, cheese nuggets, poppers, and more. Waffle cones, floats, freezes, shakes, malts, sno-cones, and Cyclones make for a daunting dessert selection. Though the ice cream is soft-serve, there are 20 options. Open early April through mid-September.

Drive-In Restaurants