Menomonie Will Allow Pooches in Parks

V1 Staff

Bringing your canine critter to Menomonie’s city parks is now OK – as long as that doggo is on a leash. The Menomonie City Council recently voted 7-2 to begin a pilot program allowing pets in city parks. (We suppose you could bring your cat, too, but have you ever tried walking a cat?) The Dunn County News reported on the details: “Licensed and tagged pets must be on a leash no longer than 8 feet and under its owner’s control. They will not be allowed within 20 feet of playground areas, athletic fields, tennis and pickleball courts, or the waterpark. Owners will be required to carry bags, scoops or other appropriate implements to pick up and dispose of animal excrement.” As long as you’ve got the “appropriate implements,” taking a walk in the park with your pupper will be … a walk in the park. The rules will be in place through March 31, 2018, giving city officials a chance to re-evaluate next year.