In Tune With Body & Soul

newly expanded Tuning Tree offers a range of healing arts

Jessica Mahlum, photos by Jenna Larsen


Eau Claire husband-and-wife duo Anthony and Katie McMorran share a passion: the health and overall wellness of others. They own the newly expanded Tuning Tree Healing Services, located in the heart of Eau Claire on the corner of Barstow and Lake streets. Anthony and Katie began their business working out of their home. When their family began to expand, they knew they needed more space. “We had been wanting to open an office downtown as we both like and support the new energy and growth of the downtown area of Eau Claire, so when we found the space on Barstow, we took the plunge,” Katie says.

Anthony has 30 years of therapy experience and specializes in myofascial release and yoga. “I’ve always had an impulse to improve myself and to be more aware and to understand my past,” he says. “And in engaging with that, discovered that a lot of other people have the same desire for wholeness and health and understanding.”

Katie shares the sentiment: “I have always wanted to help people but wasn’t sure how.” She explains how she grew up in a physician family, but that route was not for her. Because of her own injuries, she became interested in and eventually licensed in physical therapy. In 2005, while living in Arizona, she explored different holistic practices including yoga, Chinese medicine, shamanism, reiki, angel healing, and more. “I love it when I get to hold space for healing to occur from despair to hope with wounds that have impacted lives in both large and small ways,” Katie says. “(Such as) changing my outlook on life and helping others change theirs with renewed energy, love, excitement, and hope.”

Since opening two years ago, the holistic healing facility has been offering massage therapy, life coaching, bodywork, and small-group mind, body, and soul classes. “We have hired other healers to join our team who have had interesting life experiences, who treat people through weaving traditional and holistic approaches, and who love to help others,” explains Katie. “The new teachers bring an authentic spirit to their classes, deep healing, and personal growth opportunities.” The 15 staff members’ résumés include reiki master, physical therapist, yoga teacher, massage therapist, life coach, Asian bodywork therapist, and more. “We can effectively treat pain and movement problems, soft tissue injury, postural issues, and injury,” Katie says. “We address stress-related and lifestyle issues that get in the way of people feeling their best.”

Client reviews show Tuning Tree’s positive impact. “A few years ago, I was looking for alternatives for dealing with ongoing back pain,” explains one client, Michelle Larson. “Both (Anthony and Katie) are very skilled massage therapists and they are great at offering tips and advice on self-care. Regular visits for a chronic issue have helped me to stay active. I also really enjoy both of them as yoga teachers! They are just lovely people who care about what they do and about other people. They’re just the sweetest.”

Tuning Tree celebrated the opening of their expanded studio on the last weekend in May. The expansion has allowed the business to add larger group classes. Sound healing, meditation, support circles, and boutique-style specialty yoga are at the top of the list. Guests are already impressed with the new space. “This new studio is up-leveling your space and healings,” one client shared with Katie.

Both owners continue their work to empower and help clients reach their full potential. “I’ve always believed at the very least you should be no trouble to others but the highest calling is to be of service to others,” Anthony says.

Tuning Tree, 515 S. Barstow St., Suite 117, offers services and classes nearly every day, which can be booked online at Follow them on Facebook for more details, updates, and upcoming event dates.