The Broom & Crow Sneaks to New Eau Claire Location

more space means more spell candles, crystals, stones, and tarot cards for this pagan shop

Hayley Jacobson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC? Now located at 1726 N. Clairemont Ave., The Broom & Crow offers more ritual materials, wedding supplies , and more. 

The Broom & Crow, Eau Claire’s pagan and new-age shop, has moved from its original downtown nest to a newer, bigger location on North Clairemont Avenue.

At the new location at 1726 N. Clairemont Ave., owner Tabatha Voss has room to offer more supplies for customers’ practices and collections – services like officiating weddings and rituals, and more. In addition to the spell candles, crystals, stones, and tarot cards the store normally sells, Voss now has room to offer other items like altar furniture, altar tables, a wider array of literature, and many more things to help in pagan rituals and the occult.

The biggest problem in the previous location was space. Voss originally opened the store downtown in July 2018 to be a part of downtown life, but being on the end of East Grand Avenue, at the base of the foot bridge, made Voss and the store feel cut off from the rest of the events. More problems came when the footbridge closed for events, which would affect foot traffic, but when events were going on downtown, it made it hard for customers to get to the shop as well. The downtown store did not have a parking lot, forcing customers to find parking along the streets. When there were any events going on downtown, parking became scarce.

Now, with the new location, not only does Voss have triple the floor space, but also a parking lot for her customers and the ability to expand stock with new services. Voss is also partnering to bring more to those going to the store for wedding officiation. Now available are custom wedding dresses and wedding invitations.

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