1. Whenever possible, walk or bike to the Concert Series.

It adds to your enjoyment of the night and helps alleviate downtown congestion. Make it a fun and healthy part of your Thursday routine. There’s even a free bike valet at the concert if you’d like to try that.

2. Use the parking garage on the corner of Farwell and Gibson St. (right next to the concert)

The rate for parking is $0.50 per hour effective 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Do not park in private business lots.

Our downtown businesses rely on their own parking areas to provide space for their customers and the people living in nearby apartments. If you and others take their parking spaces, you are hurting their business. If their customers can’t park, they may decide to go elsewhere that night. And think how frustrating it would be to come home to your apartment from work with a car-full of groceries and not have your parking space. So please think before you park – it’s not all about you. Plus, you could get ticketed or towed.

4. Use the 50¢ Downtown Loop bus route.

It’s a 20-minute (or less!) loop around downtown, Water Street, and Carson Park. You could really park anywhere along the line, flag down and jump on the easy shuttle, and get dropped off right in front of the concert. Learn more!

5. Psssst! A Concert Series pro tip ...

Park on one of the many streets on the West side of the Chippewa River and take the footbridge across to the concert. It’s a beautiful neighborhood. Just respect it.