At the Park

Phoenix Park
Riverfront Terrace
Eau Claire, WI 54701

On-Site Partners

UW-Eau Claire Event Production Crew

The University Centers' Event Production Crew is dedicated to fostering the arts by mentoring and educating young artists while integrating professional training in lights, sound, projection, and production management. From supporting a 20,000 person festival to putting together the perfect wedding, UWEC's Event Production Crew is your go to event production provider on and off campus.


Offering a wide spectrum of all-ages art projects available to inspire you and your family to create.

Bike Chippewa Valley

This group of locals is here to help make the Chippewa Valley one of the best places in the world to ride a bike. They offer a free bike valet to attendees of the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series every week and volunteers are on hand to answer questions you may have about bicycling in the Chippewa Valley.


With 245 million monthly listeners in the U.S., iHeartMedia has the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America. The company owns and operates 858 broadcast radio stations, serving more than 150 markets throughout the U.S.

Concert Series Headquarters Tent

The Local Store

The Volume One / Local Store tent at the top of the hill is the official concert series headquarters. It's packed with interesting local items including music from performing acts, community-minded gear like t-shirts, art prints, gifts, stickers, and more. It's also where you can grab a concert series schedule, as well as copies of Volume One and Hot Spots. It's also the safety center for helping out with lost kids, minor first aid, and other info.

The Local Store

Food Vendors

Nine Degrees Ice Cream Cart Eau Claire

9 Degrees Ice Cream

9 Degrees scoops ice cream cones of Mackinac Island Fudge, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Strawberry persuasions, plus a flavor of the week. Our cart is the only place in Eau Claire to enjoy cones of local, freshly made Olson's Homaid ice cream!

The Big Weeney

The Big Weeny

Serving up hot dogs, chili dogs, brats, a make-it-yourself Chicago dog bar, popcorn, kettle-corn and an assortment of beverages.

Locavore Food Truck Eau Claire

Locavore Mobile Kitchen

Only the best produce, meats, and products from the Chippewa Valley prepared with care and served with love out of a mobile kitchen!

Dhimiters Gyros

Q: How can Dhimiters gyros be so good? A: They use 70% lamb - 30% beef. Highest lamb to beef ratio in town!

Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill Eau Claire

Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill

Offering tacos, nachos and salads using only the freshest ingredients.

Tutto Bene Wood Fired Pizza

Tasty, gourmet wood-fired pizza made right on site. Fast, fresh and delicious!

Erbert & Gerberts

The people demand BOLD sandwiches, so that’s what you’ll give them! We’ll be there in a flash with sandwiches and soups, giant pickles, desserts, and more. You’ll be living Bold Between The Breads before you know it!

Summer Snow

Over 60 flavors of shaved ice to choose from…even more options when you add the extras like sweet cream (yum)!

Interested in becoming a vendor?

More than 2,000 hungry concertgoers attend each night of the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series. We may have opportunities for new food and drink vendors. For more information, contact us

Non Profit Groups

Up to three non-profit groups are invited each week to set up a display for concert goers. Groups may do three such set ups each season, or more if space allows. First come first serve on dates. If you're interested in having your non-profit group create a presence at an event, email us at:

A Few Reminders

to help us all enjoy the concert series ...


Alcohol is only allowed in the immediate labyrinth area, and during Thursday concert hours (6-9pm) only. Regular laws and fines are in effect on all sidewalks and streets throughout the neighborhood at all times. Once you leave the concert area, if you’re on the sidewalk or street with ANY open containers, you are in violation of city code. That’s a $213 fine – and what’s worse is if you screw this up you could ruin it for everybody. (Official language below.)


Thursday nights, the parking lots in the area get full pretty fast. Consider biking or walking to the event whenever possible to keep congestion down. In fact, that’s the way to experience the park and the concert series in full.

If you do need to drive, the parking garage on the corner of Farwell and Gibson St. is the best option. The rate for parking is 50¢ per hour effective 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


At this time, pets are welcome at the concert series. However, keep pets under control at all times (and of course, pick up after them). If you choose to bring a pet, for the comfort of everyone (including small children), please consider staying on the outskirts of the event where you have plenty of room and keep them on a leash.


The public restrooms are located to the north of the labyrinth area, next to the Farmers Market Pavilion. Others are located to the east of the Royal Credit Union building, near Barstow Street. You can easily walk to either of them from the concert grounds.


There is a city ordinance prohibiting smoking in city parks.

9.52.030 Consumption or the possession of open containers on streets.

The consumption of or possession of a container which is open and which contains fermented malt beverage or intoxicating liquor as defined by the statutes of the state of Wisconsin, which are herein incorporated by reference, on the streets, sidewalks, alleys or boulevards of the city, is prohibited except at such times and such places as may be specifically exempted temporarily from the provisions hereof from time to time by the city council in connection with public celebrations. This section prohibits the above acts even though the person who violates them is within or upon a vehicle or other conveyance. (Ord. 3684, 1976; Ord. 3300 §I, 1972; Ord. 3157 §I, 1970; prior code §5.01(b)).