Brewery Nonic

621 4th St. W, Menomonie

A small, taproom only, truly handcrafted brewery specializing in super fresh beers from a wide variety of influences in a historic building. Built within the old train depot building in historic downtown Menomonie. The brewery features 8 taps, 4 of which are year-round favorites. The remaining are filled with seasonal and experimental concoctions.

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Dave's Brewfarm

2470 Wilson Street, Wilson

Dave's BrewFarm is a sustainably-based brewery in Wilson, Wisconsin. Watch his blog for updates on when the taproom is open to sample some of his latest drafts.

Local Breweries

Eau Claire Cheese & Deli

1636 Harding Ave, Eau Claire

While it doesn't make its own cheese, Nelson Cheese Factory is your one-stop shop for procuring the best Wisconsin brands of cheese. They serve deli-style sandwiches, ice cream, various pantry-stuffers, and even chocolates.

Local Cheese Makers & Purveyors

Eau Galle Cheese Factory

N6765 State Highway 25, Durand

Family owned since 1945, Eau Galle Cheese produces millions of pounds of cheese every year. Their asiago and parmesan have won 6 awards in national and international cheese competitions. They are a certified organic producer of hard Italian cheeses.

Local Cheese Makers & Purveyors Attractions

Ellsworth Creamery Cooperative

232 North Wallace, Ellsworth

Nestled in Ellsworth, which was designated the "Cheese Curd Capital" in 1983. A cooperative of over 450+ dairy cow families that send milk to Ellsworth for award-winning cheese production. The Ellsworth Cheese Curds may be the pride and joy, but they also create several brands of quality cheeses such as Antonella, Blaser's, Ellsworth Valley, and Kammerude Gouda.

Local Cheese Makers & Purveyors Attractions