BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: 3rd and Vine’s Beer and Cheese Flights

try a delicious pairing of beer and cheese at this Eau Claire establishment

words & photos by Sawyer Hoff

BEST BUDS. Wisconsin is known for it's great beer and cheese selection, and 3rd & Vine is pairing them up for you.
BEST BUDS. Wisconsin is known for its great beer and cheese selection, and 3rd & Vine is pairing them up for you right here in the Valley.

Beer flights have been a popular way to try different brews for a long time, but now you can also try some delicious beer with an accompanying slice of fresh cheese.

3rd & Vine on Eau Claire’s west side has been open since last year and are already known for their great selection of beer and cheese. One of their most popular menu items features the best of both worlds thanks to their rotating beer and cheese flight.

While the brews and cheese flight options vary every day, the pairings have been meticulously chosen through trial and error by the beer gurus over at 3rd & Vine. Many patrons will try a flight weekly because there's always a chance to try something new.

“We really wanted to show people that it doesn’t just have to be wine and cheese,” said 3rd & Vine owner Jared Bilhorn. “There’s a lot of complexity with beer and there’s a lot of wonderfully made craft beer in the region, and obviously some of the world’s best cheese.”

Bilhorn said a couple of his personal favorite combinations include a couple of dark lagers from Fair State and Working Draft paired with a cheese called Mimolette.

If that’s not enough beer and cheese for you, 3rd & Vine also has a monthly subscription available through their cheese club, where you can receive two quarter-pound portions of complementary cheese and other perks, and offers six rotating beer tap lines in-store.

Visit 3rd & Vine at 1929 3rd St., Eau Claire, and learn more about their menu and beer flights at