Beer Crust or Bust

Beer Hall Pizza unites pizza & beer lovers for unique eats

Hillary Bell

Beer and pizza is at least in the top five for best food and drink pairing, if not the top three. You probably wouldn’t think that it could get any better than that … But a newly designed pizza has come to tell your taste buds different. Approximately a year ago, Lakefront Brewery of Milwaukee and OvenWorks Pizza of Eau Claire created Beer Hall Pizza: the first frozen pizza with a beer-infused crust. Beer Hall was launched in the Woodman’s Market in April 2018 and has had overwhelming success in a short period of time.

“Beer Hall Pizza brings together two products that naturally go together and that everyone loves.” – Alan Lee, OvenWorks Pizza

According to a recent report by Techonomic, a foodservice research and consulting firm, 43 percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 34 are looking for pizzas with unique toppings or ingredients. To answer the call of the consumer, developers created Beer Hall Pizza with a specific Lakefront Brewery beer used in its infusion process, creating a delicious beer-flavored thin crust.

“Beer Hall Pizza brings together two products that naturally go together and that everyone loves,” Alan Lee, founder and president of OvenWorks Pizza, said. “Pizza and beer are one of the most popular food and beverage combinations, and now our customers can enjoy both at once.”

“Beer Hall Pizza also provides innovation in the frozen pizza category and enables us to work with Lakefront Brewery, a company with a brand known for high quality and great beers.”

Both companies share an uncompromising mission to deliver quality products to their retail vendors, as well as consumers, and are planning several promotional events where customers can try both Beer Hall Pizza and Lakefront Brewery products.

OvenWorks Pizza (formerly Jimmy Boy Pizza) has been in business for 31 years, and has operated under the ownership of Alan Lee and his wife Wendy Wells for the past 13 years.  It’s a family-owned frozen pizza manufacturer headquartered in Eau Claire, WI, with a manufacturing facility in Glen Flora.  “Our company uses top quality ingredients in each of our frozen pizzas and we pride ourselves on this quality and operate under the premise of building relationships based upon people, product, and services,” Lee said.

Beer Hall Pizzas are currently available at Woodman’s Markets in Altoona, and will soon be featured in all 34 Mega Holiday and Mega Coop Travel Stops. If you are interested in learning more about their upcoming events and news, follow them on Facebook @beerhallpizza.