Oktoberfest, EC Style

Lazy Monk plans its own version of German festival

Haley Wright

Lazy Monk Brewing
Lazy Monk Brewing

A very traditional Oktoberfest celebration is debuting in September at Lazy Monk Brewing, 97 W. Madison St. Lazy Monk opened in the new location in January (the business previously operated out of Banbury Place), and it has already seen growth. “We have provided a bier hall reminiscent of the bier halls in Germany and the Czech Republic in our new location,” says Theresa Frank, who owns Lazy Monk with her husband, Leos. “We have expanded our tap lines to 14 and have really embraced the European feel.” While the old location could seat around 70, the new location has room for more than 180 plus an outdoor space that seats 99.” Frank says the expansion and new location have been good for business. “Our expansion has been beyond our dreams,” she says. “The local community as well as so many out-of-town visitors have discovered the uniqueness of our brewery. It seems like so many new breweries have popped up, but people are not creating an experience for the customers, and we have achieved that with our decor inside and out.”

As part of its distinctive homage to German culture and traditions, it seems very appropriate that Lazy Monk Brewing would host its own Oktoberfest celebration. “Oktoberfest began as a celebration of the wedding of King Ludwig’s daughter,” Frank says. “It has continued to be a part of the German tradition in and around the Munich area.  It celebrates friendship, great times, and of course Bier.” Lazy Monk Brewing previously hosted an Oktoberfest, but that celebration was much smaller than what is planned for this year. “Oktoberfest runs for 16 days in Germany, and at our new location we will be doing the same,” she says. “We will be celebrating for 16 days but our two main events will be Saturday, Sept. 17, and Saturday, Sept. 24. We will be showcasing our Oktoberfest Bier, creating not only in our main Bier Hall the feel and smells of a German Bier Hall but also we will have outdoor tents and activities that are keeping in the tradition of the small breweries around Munich. This will include music, German food, German games. and of course the Chicken Dance which is widely popular at Oktoberfest.” Lazy Monk Brewing’s Oktoberfest Bier is even traditional, made from grains and hops from Germany so it is the real deal. “We are very traditional in our brewing,” Frank explains. “You will enjoy a well-rounded and crafted Oktoberfest Lager.  It is a beautiful copper color, smooth and complex with an initial malty sweetness followed by a dry finish.”

Lazy Monk Brewing wants to make its expanded Oktoberfest celebration an annual event. “We hope that by bringing something unique to Eau Claire it will continue to grow. Other cities hold Oktoberfest. Why shouldn’t Eau Claire as well?” Frank says. To learn more about the Oktoberfest celebration, check out lazymonkbrewing.com.