Restoring Hope for Lactating Parents

the top three reasons parents lose hope, and how to restore it

If you are struggling, I’m willing to bet it’s in one of these three areas. In any of the following scenarios, you likely know instinctually that something is “off” somewhere. You may not know where; you just know your baby is miserable, and so are you ...

CHERISHING THE LITTLE MOMENTS: Local Photographer Captures Memories

Michelle Monson enjoys taking photos that showcase every important milestone, starting with childhood memories

Time goes by in the blink of an eye, so it’s important to capture the important moments – especially with growing children. Michelle Monson, owner of Michelle Monson Photography, has been creating lasting memories since 2013 ...

MOMS, UNITE! Local Places Moms Say Are Important to New Parents

we asked a local moms’ Facebook group for new parent advice. Here’s what was said

If there’s one thing mothers in the Chippewa Valley do, it’s stick together. This is quite evident in THE MOMS of Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley Facebook group, which has a membership of nearly 6,000 moms and other guardians who seek advice on parenting ...

Locally Accessible Donor Breast Milk and How to Donate

for those in need of milk or looking to donate their excess supply, an Eau Claire hospital is the place to go

When HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital (900 W Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire) opened its breast milk dispensary and depot in partnership with Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes back in 2020, it marked an important new resource for both the Chippewa Valley and ...

TO THE HENRYS AND CHARLOTTES: Top Baby Names in Wisconsin

‘Charlotte’ and ‘Henry’ have been the No. 1 boys and girls name in the state for multiple years

Following the full calendar year of 2022, the U.S. Social Security Administration released the top 100 most popular baby names per state. In Wisconsin, the No. 1 boys name, Henry, was given to newborns more than 300 times last year, while the No. 1 girls ...

Federal Grant Will Aid UWEC Student Parents With Child Care Costs

$1.8M grant will reduce fees for students with kids at the Children’s Nature Academy

The Children’s Nature Academy at UW-Eau Claire has received a $1.8 million federal grant to expand and provide high-quality day care for low-income parents who are pursuing their ...

EAU BABY! Local Mom Opens First E.C. Mom-and-Baby Boutique

Eau Baby is hoping to fill a gap in the local retail space

Eau Baby will also be one of the only spots in the area that will have premie baby clothes too, alongside two-years-and-under baby clothes, plus maternity and postpartum clothing. The boutique will also have its own specific line of...

LISTEN TO MAMMA: Guidance For New Mommies in the Valley

we asked THE MOMS of Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley Facebook Group for advice, here’s what they had to say

If you are pregnant or you’re recently had your first baby, there are a lot of new learning curves as you enter the parental world. Don’t panic, you’re not alone. Moms everywhere are notorious for looking out for one another, and the Chippewa Valley is no different. I asked the 4.1K members in THE MOMS of Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley ...

DRUMROLL PLEASE: The Most Popular Baby Names in Wisconsin

according to the Social Security office, here are the top 10 boys and girls names in 2021

When talking about trends that come and go, we can’t forget about the most common, yet often overlooked trend: baby names. Whether you are expecting, expecting to expect, or expecting to expect expecting, it’s always nice to know what names are trending ...

Sleep Safely While On the Go

ensure your baby’s sleep environment is safe, wherever you are

Traveling with baby takes a lot of planning and supplies. Making a “safe sleep plan” is a part of prepping for a trip. Having a plan helps parents and caregivers know that your baby will sleep safely wherever they go ...

Babies! is sponsored by:

OakLeaf Clinics
Multiple Chippewa Valley locations

Babies! is sponsored by:

OakLeaf Clinics
Multiple Chippewa Valley locations