Straight out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin comes a fun (if not funny!), informal, and upbeat monthly audio and video podcast featuring key local topics, engaging and insightful guests, and the diverse voices of local writers, talkers, and pontificators.

Podcast Episodes

Clip: Ep. 6 – How Badly Do We Need a Chick-Fil-A?

Voters in our annual Best Of poll emphatically decided that we need more greasy fried chicken in the Valley. Can’t argue with that … Chick-fil-A was voted the #1 Kind of Eatery/Bar We Need Most and #3 Biggest Thing We Should Make Happen Soon. But is it even that good?

CLIP: Ep. 5 – Using Pain As Propane

When Dennis Beale first arrived in Eau Claire, one of his earliest experiences was being pulled over – in the dead of winter – for simply having an air freshener on his rear-view mirror.

CLIP: Ep. 2 – Houdini Descendent in Menomonie

A descendant of the famous magician/escape artist Houdini is a main attraction at Menomonie's Twisted Tales of Horror this fall. But he looks like a regular guy you'd see at the bar....

The Volume One Podcast Trailer

Host Eric Christenson gives a rundown of what to expect out of the new Volume One Podcast, and marvels at the originality of even just the name! It all starts September 18, 2020.

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