Volume One: A Full-Featured Multi-Media Producer/Partner

Whether you want to make a podcast or just listen to them, Volume One’s award-winning staff and media production capabilities are available for a variety of styles of video and podcast partnerships in any niche, industry, or content category.

We can produce your podcast for you behind the scenes, or in some cases we can publicly partner on its production and promotion in the Chippewa Valley and beyond.

podcast behind the scenes

podcast behind the scenes

Our friendly and professional services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Planning, coordinating, and producing your podcast
  • Delivering a professional look through design, photography, and programming
  • Employing state of-the-art recording equipment and capabilities (audio and video)
  • Executing full podcast platform distribution across multiple national channels
  • Leveraging the robust regional marketing channels of Volume One
  • Offering impactful digital marketing opportunities outside the valley

If your organization is interested in exploring the possibilities of podcasts, videos, or other multi-media offerings, contact us at mail@volumeone.orgmail (at) volumeone [d0t] org