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Ep. 7: Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Kitchens. Guest: Benny Anderson

local comedians Hannah Kabelitz and Cullen Ryan help us laugh through the latest

March 12, 2021

Happy Fool’s Spring, y’all! We’re back with episode 7 of the Volume One Podcast, and it’s such a good one.

Comedians Hannah Kabelitz and Cullen Ryan join us on the panel to tackle the latest and greatest in the Valley. We’re already winded thinking about Eau Claire’s new rooftop bar, there’s a new local Tesla ride share service (for that undeniable feeling of superiority), and we look at the culinary trend of ghost kitchens popping up around town. OoOoOo, don’t be scared!

Later, we’re joined by the great Benny Anderson of Visit Eau Claire to talk “dipstick marketing,” his wacky Guy Fieri impression, and why we should be feeling optimistic about tourism in the Valley.

Then we play a rousing game of Ramone’s or Olson’s and pitch some funny new slogans for the Oakwood Mall, Rock Fest, and Culver’s. It’s a silly one, so get into it!

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