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[Podcast / Video] Ep 5: Clairemont: Fury Road + Ode to Pagoda. Guest: Youth Mentor Dennis Beale

panelists Jo Ellen Burke and Mike Paulus help us kick off 2021 in style

January 14, 2021

New year, new pod! Folks, we’re back with episode 5 of the Volume One Podcast, and it’s a real doozy. Panelists Jo Ellen Burke and Mike Paulus are in the building to cover an unforeseen (and strangely anonymous) update on the future of the pagoda from Jimmy Woo’s Restaurant. We talk roundabouts, therapy ponies, snow demons, and take a deep dive into a notorious local Facebook group called “You Know You’re From Eau Claire When…”

Later on, we’re joined by the one and only Dennis Beale to talk about his journey from the south-side of Chicago to Eau Claire, his business Power of Perception, and mentoring the next generation of African-American and biracial youth in the Valley.

Stick around for game time, where we play “Rise of the Machines” and a truly knockout round of “What’s In The Koozie?” Which of our guests takes the crown? Click play and find out.

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