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The Rear End

Decking the Halls

Christmas has demanded that I stop doing housework

Not getting a tree means you go to hell – a special kind of hell for parents where you must listen to an electronic, Fisher-Price version of Mary Had a Little Lamb on really crappy speakers. On repeat. Forever.

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Dec. 16, 2010

learn about this issue's cover art by Odin Pitts

"My medium of choice today is pen and ink. The pen I use is called a sharpie. I’ve always felt the arrangement and designs in this medium differ from other ink drawings, and therefore may have more value in a fine art sense. I want to give ..."

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Opening Shots

Field of Daydreams

I get the feeling not all parents share our laid-back approach to elementary athletics

Even before the game started, it was clear that the opposing coaches had vastly different approaches to motivating their teams. The other team’s coach – his methods reminded me of the sensei from the Cobra Kai dojo in The Karate Kid.

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Winter After Hours 2011

mini winter wonderland returns to Boyd Park in January

We’ve all done it. We’ve complained for four months a year about the cold. And the ice. And the bleak darkness. And the misery. But now it’s time to put all that behind us and embrace winter.

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The Big New Year's Show

House of Rock slates mix of genres, plus two new bands

When everyone’s looking for a place to gather and ring in the new year, the best thing a venue can do is bring in variety – a mixture of acts that can appeal to a big cross-section of our music-loving public.

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Orfield & Perry

Sue Orfield collaborations return with Mike Perry show

As a self-proclaimed experimental band, it’s only fitting that the Sue Orfield Band should look beyond their four members to increase the eclecticism and evade any genre thrown their way.

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Reason One

Rice Lake rockers infiltrate Eau Claire

The hard rock group Reason One has been around for several years – opening for bands like CCR, Nazareth, and Eddie Money – but recently took on new members, a new sound, and extended its roots to the Chippewa Valley.

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Yare' Darkness Bound

local author releases first book in fantasy trilogy

“I had this folder full of ideas, and this one just kind of moved to the forefront over time. I decided to just finally write it.”– writer Travis Ludvigson

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Visual Art

Fifth Found Footage

infamous VHS series releases new edition, plans tour

Between their prominent role in Winnebago Man and a new regular feature for The Onion, is there anyone who doesn’t know about the Found Footage Festival at this point? Really?

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Local Look

Amping It Up

Altoona’s Phish Haus youth center focuses on music

Just behind the tennis courts in Altoona City Park, an unassuming rectangle-of-a-building has been given a name and some fresh coats of dark green paint. The Phish Haus – a reincarnation of a youth arts center that expired in 1996 – is back.

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Thanks for Asking | Dec. 16, 2010

our local jack-of-all-facts tells you how it is

Thanks for asking! You’re right: easily the smallest house in Eau Claire. Easily. I bet it’s not 200 square feet. It originally sat in the woods between Rock Falls and Meridean.

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Rumblings | Reaching for the Star Farm

Fall Creek farmland hopes to house self-sustaining commune

Raise your hand if one of the following applies: you garden, raise chickens, make a point to buy local, and/or take time regularly to connect with nature.

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Food / Drink

Beyond Chocolate

Obsession Chocolates explodes into new location

After 20 months of extensive renovations, Obsession Chocolates has leapt onto the Eau Claire café scene – and brought their artistic chocolates with them. The space at 18 S. Barstow ...

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Smiling Moose Deli

Colorado sandwich shop opens in Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park scores again. The downtown area, with its scenic riverside property and stylish new architecture, recently welcomed a new deli to the neighborhood.

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Pedal Like Hell

local cyclist brings popular race event to Valley bars

“The races have become an international phenomenon in recent years, but until recently there was a void in Wisconsin for people interested in giving them a shot.”

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Special Sections

The Driven Snow

a local winter memory

I desperately held on to my aunt, simultaneously trying to stay on the back of the swerving snowmobile and hoping to keep my lunch down. Something was wrong ...

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Over the Hill and Still Skiing

a local winter memory

As a kid, my idea of a great way to spend a winter afternoon consisted of curling up behind the couch with a handful of cookies and a volume or two of the World Book Encyclopedia.

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Repetition Made New

A friend loans me some snowshoes and I learn what our ancestors had discovered some 4,000 years ago. I float with ease across the snow, leaving a wake of large duck foot impressions behind me.

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Life Inside a Snow Globe

Snowflakes were so big that even a 3 year-old atop his dad’s shoulders could throw back his head and catch them in his mouth. It’s the closest I’ve come to feeling the tranquility of life inside a snow globe.

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The Snow Architects

When I was young and it snowed, my older brother and I became the Greatest Snow Architects Under the Age of 10. You may have heard of our greatness.

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