Fifth Found Footage

infamous VHS series releases new edition, plans tour

Ian Jacoby |

Look what we found.
Look what we found.

Between their prominent role in Winnebago Man and a new regular feature for The Onion, is there anyone who doesn’t know about the Found Footage Festival at this point? Really? OK, here goes: The Found Footage Festival is a traveling festival full of forgotten, weird, and hilariously bizarre VHS tapes. These tapes are edited and dissected by hosts Nick Prueher and Joel Picket for maximum enjoyment. Past hits have included the John and Johnny Show (from Eau Claire), Jack Rebney (the angriest RV salesman on YouTube), and cats and babies singing Christmas carols. The recently released Volume Five of The Found Footage Festival promises to deliver more of the same, if by “same” you mean complete insanity. Even the chapter titles like “Linda Blair’s How to Get Revenge” and “Self Hypnosis” promise hours of revulsion and hilarity. FFF is a figurative slam dunk for the emotionally damaged, the unflappable, or anyone who’s ever wasted an afternoon watching internet videos. Seriously, buy it. And after that, sit at your computer waiting for confirmation and additional details about FFF making a stop in Eau Claire on their tour sometime in April.