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Back Against the Mall

our local shopping mall just isn’t what it used to be. or is it?

He explained to me that a healthy downtown and a thriving mall do not have to be mutually exclusive goals. He’s right.

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The Rear End


as summer draws to a close it’s time to appreciate what an awful mess it made

The tomatoes have mingled with the peppers. The zucchinis have infiltrated the sunflowers. The watermelons have crept into the beets. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a healthy toma-pepini-melon growing in there somewhere.

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Reader Letters

Reader Letters | Aug. 26, 2010

A recent cost-cutting proposal by our school board would be draining all school pools. Water saved by watering school lawns only when needed could keep the pools full and also would pay for their upkeep.

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Bon Iver and Kanye West Now Besties

Justin Vernon will have vocals on Kanye West’s upcoming album

The Bon Iver fans out there might have heard by now – Mr. Justin Vernon will have vocals on Kanye West’s upcoming album (Nov. 16 release).

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Our Judgment

teen metal band releases impressive EP

Admittedly, I might have taken a gander at their pubescent and glossy MySpace photo and dismissed them with a “meh” anyway.

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LISTEN: The Heart Pills

‘tin can band’ taking EC music scene by storm

This rag-tag band exploded onto the scene this spring, quickly sharing the stage (and sometimes living room) with some of the best-respected Eau Claire acts.

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The Shillelagh Lads

local pickers put together traditional Irish music project

Newsboy caps on and penny whistles in hand, the Shillelagh Lads have that “fresh off the boat from Ireland” appeal.

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Short and Sweet

Menomonie Theater Guild stages Hedwig and the Angry Inch

This fall, the Chippewa Valley continues its evolution into more provocative theater productions with the Menomonie Theater Guild presentation of the cult film sensation Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

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Cannibal Days

UWEC Players stage their first post-summer show

In the UWEC Players’ newest play, Cannibal Days, or A Mid-Western, Mid-Twenties Journey Into the Heart of Fame, six people in their mid-20s are faced with life-changing decisions that will, over the course of two weeks, either make or break them in the en

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Writing On Your Own

local novelist Jaron Lee Knuth

“If I were to make an analogy to movies, I would say my first novel is more of the summer blockbuster type, and then the second one is more of like the indie film.” – Jaron Lee Knuth

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Visual Art

A Little of This, and a Little of That

Tangled Up in Hue exhibition from artist Cortney Stoner

Tangled Up In Hue has earned a reputation for showcasing one of its 82 talented local artists for a month at a time, and in the coming month local artist on the rise Cortney Stoner and her artistic creations take a turn.

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Tour De Noir

locals shoot original film noir called Fedora

“Everyone has dreams. (Fedora) explores a bad person’s dreams … you know, the bad guy, the anti-hero. He’s just trying to accomplish his goal of working for the mafia.”

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Local Look

Not So Secret Society

Eau Claire’s freemasons and the freemasonry scene

You’ve likely seen the Eau Claire Masonic Center – the large, stone-pillared building on Graham Avenue – but have no idea as to what happens in there.

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Hastings Way Update

consultants ready to unveil redesign possibilities

After several months and more than 700 comments, Short Elliott Hendrickson, the company hired by the city as consultant for the Hastings Way project, is ready to unveil redesign possibilities at a Sept. 9 meeting.

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Rumblings | A New Home

an organized push for a comprehensive homeless shelter in Eau Claire

At least eight separate organizations – from churches to social service centers – are pooling ambitions (before the snow flies) to turn an existing facility in Eau Claire into a comprehensive homeless shelter with beds and case management.

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Food / Drink

Clearwater Beer Festival

local beer fest returns for 11th year of brew-tastic-ness

Here in Wisconsin, with more bars per capita than anywhere else in the nation and a baseball team carrying the title “Brewers,” it’s safe to say we know how to have a good time; and, man, do we love our beer.

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Creating Buddhas

Mabel Tainter presents cavalcade of Tibetan culture

The Mabel Tainter Theater will transform into an oasis of Tibetan culture on Sept. 11.

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