Reader Letters

Reader Letters | Aug. 26, 2010

    [My] dogs needed their daily walk in the evening. I drove to Carson Park and parked at Chippewa Valley Museum. Well, before we could get started, it began to pour. We waited it out for 50 minutes listening to the radio, which was predicting possible severe storms. To pass the time we exchanged hand-to-paw shakes with frequent whimpers anticipating the walk. Next morning going to the park to walk my dogs, I noticed the lawn at Lakeshore School had been watered early that morning. Then, driving into the park, I noticed the softball diamonds being watered. This practice goes on almost every night and early morning. A recent cost-cutting proposal by our school board would be draining all school pools. Water saved by watering school lawns only when needed could keep the pools full and also would pay for their upkeep. I need your help on this issue of wasting water. Watching school board meetings on Community Television, I have not seen the issue of wasting water addressed. By the way, have you seen it rain lately?

– Ray Dwyer, Eau Claire