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You've Never Been There?!

are my entertainment choices out of habit, laziness, or generational differences?

Gemini Drive-In?!?...Tower Ridge?!?...Hobbs Arena?!?...Action City?!?…The Pickle?!? No.

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Taken By Storm

how I emerged from the land of corn with a prickle-sensitive ear for sirens

"I found myself crouching knee-to-knee with the mayor, who folded his hands and smiled at me."

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Standing Eau-vation

music teacher composes the original soundtrack to Eau Claire's life

We are the ones local composer Dennis Luginbill is observing and applauding in his composition.

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Everyone Orchestra

campfire party band is everything but predictable

The Everyone Orchestra will be improvising their genre-gaping talents at the Mabel Tainter.

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Howlin’ Good Book

Katie McKy scratches out youth book Wolf Camp

"I think, ‘How can I compete with Hollywood movies?’ But I can. Stories are magic.” –Katie McKy

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Visual Art

Loose Ends

first opening at Menomonie café features local illustrators

Menomonie's Acoustic Café gets a triple shot of illustration.

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Local Look

Thanks for Asking | April 30, 2009

"I heard that there was an ice cream parlor on Water St. with an adult movie theater in back."

Family patrons could treat themselves to – I kid you not – a Nazi memorabilia display.

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