That Sandwich Tastes Kind of Jazzy

Andrew Christianson |


Adam Braatz has come a long way since his days as a UWEC Jazz Ensemble music major. During a break from his time as a member of the Air Force Band of Mid America in St. Louis, he recorded and released a new album entitled Jazz Sandwich. Like the layers of a sandwich, it both uses a jazz fusion style – a mix of rock, jazz, and other music – but also reunited Braatz with some members of his senior recital at UWEC. Among them were music majors Aaron Hedenstrom and Kyle Good, Joshua Geisler, a musician Braatz met through work, Travis Andrews, a friend from high school, and his brother, Jason Braatz. Jazz Sandwhich brought together not only a variety of musical styles, but also important people from Braatz’s life. The album uses speed and intensity to make a powerful sound. Jazz Sandwich is available for download on Adam Braatz site,