Standing Eau-vation

music teacher composes the original soundtrack to Eau Claire's life

Mark Koenig, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Composer Dennis Luginbill (right) listens as the Chippewa Valley Symphony rehearses his ode to EC.

The city of Eau Claire is an area involved in both contemporary growth and historical preservation and renovation. Not a natural phenomenon by any means, but an extensive process initiated, persisted upon, and executed by the people of Eau Claire and its surrounding area.

Us, we, you people are the ones local composer Dennis Luginbill is observing and applauding in his composition Current of Change. It is the soundtrack for Eau Claire, Luginbill says. “A piece celebrating Eau Claire is long overdue. I have lived in Eau Claire for most of my life and wanted to write a piece that would celebrate it’s past, present, and future. I hope to inspire Eau Claire listeners to realize what a rich history our town has and also to cultivate hope in the future of our city.”

Luginbill, a music teacher at DeLong Middle School, will have his composition performed by the 64-member Chippewa Valley Symphony and conducted by acclaimed music director Nobuyoshi “Nobu” Yasuda.

Current of Change is an expanding piece that travels from Eau Claire’s earliest settlers through efforts of industrialism and perseverance. Accompanying the music will be a slideshow with photos of Eau Claire’s people and places from the 1840s to present day.

“The piece has two different musical themes that are, I hope, honest, listenable, and memorable and they change throughout the piece,” Luginbill said.

Three attributes that both a musician and a teacher strive for and three that Luginbill wishes to pass on. “I love teaching kids music and really enjoy sharing my passion for composition with them. Hopefully I can inspire students to set their sights high and go after their dreams.” Note-filled inspiration to fuel the continual growth and success of the Eau Claire community into the future.

    Current of Change • Saturday, May 9 • State Theatre, 316 Eau Claire St. • 7:30pm • $20 adults, $19 seniors, $10 students • 832-2787 •