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Hope Springs Eternal – Even for the Brewers

Can Milwaukee break out beyond a break-even season in 2020?

Luc Anthony

Rarely can a season of baseball be accurately predicted. In sports, the phrase “hope springs eternal” is seen most frequently in reference to Major League Baseball’s spring training, with the promise...

Granny Shots

basketball league for “women of a certain age” keeps ladies active and having fun

Luc Anthony

I did not expect to discover I was related to a reigning national champion by going to a family reunion. On a hot and sultry late-August day in 2018, I headed down to ...

The Weird Reality of Fantasy Football

for good and ill, fantasy leagues give fans new insights into victory and defeat

Luc Anthony

One day I was listening to The Bill Michaels Show on the radio, and Michaels related a story from his younger days in sports media. Talking about having nerves while preparing to ask a question of ...

Stepping to the Plate for Carson Park

fundraising effort seeks $1.5m to maintain, upgrade historical ballpark

Luc Anthony

There is a fairly decent chance that you have, at some point, found your way to the Carson Park baseball stadium. Perhaps the reason for going didn’t involve actual baseball; you may have ...

Reviving a Classic Glove Story

Brewers 2020 fashion brings the team back to beloved logo designed in Eau Claire

Luc Anthony

Every so often, a sports team pays attention to the wishes of its fans. You would think the responsiveness would be more frequent: Without fans, what is the point of having a team to play before ...

Counting Down the Hits

the top 10 tunes that get fans of Wisconsin (and Minnesota) pro teams pumped up

Luc Anthony

I love sports theme songs. Perhaps it has to do with being a musician, or maybe it’s I’m immersed in pop music at my day job. Each song is characteristic of its team, a signal to fans and ...

The Most Dangerous Game

Can a Viking fan survive a border battle at Lambeau Field? (Spoiler alert: Yes, he can.)

Luc Anthony

There was one sporting event I could not attend. I didn’t know if I’d survive the experience; I might get killed. I would never go to a ...

Packing for the Playoffs?

prediction puts Green Bay in post-season after two-year drought

Luc Anthony

One of the usual presumptions in the annual Athletic Aesthetic Chippewa Valley Sports Media Football Poll is a playoff appearance for the Green Bay Packers....

Snap Judgement

Eau Claire’s Kyle Stelter helps elite long snappers — from high school to the NFL — master the game

Luc Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The long snapper may be the most underrated position in football. An errant snap to the side can throw off a field goal attempt or a punt, giving the opposing team a sudden advantage. Essentially, the long snapper is a quarterback who throws backwards ...

Talking Smack With Facts

sports evolve over time, maybe team records should too

Luc Anthony

Talking sports smack is not always an equal proposition. Consider the plight of yours truly, a Vikings fan and Wisconsin native: any attempt to highlight why the Vikes may be, in some way, superior to the Packers can immediately be met with this stat: thirteen championships to zero ...

Blowing the Whistle on the Referee Shortage

public focus, cooling of fans’ anger may help boost ranks of sports officials

Luc Anthony

The 2018-19 prep athletic season is behind us. Summer vacation is underway. Returning student athletes are either pondering which sports to play or training to improve their craft. Coaches are putting ...

Pack-Stage Drama

reports detailing Packers’ off-field dysfunction suggest they aren’t that different from other NFL teams

Luc Anthony

We Upper Midwesterners pride ourselves on being people who get to work and get the job done. We will occasionally gripe or slightly panic, but when you need to do your job, you do it ...

Here’s the Pitch

local aims to establish adult women’s fastpitch softball league

Luc Anthony

The end of a high school or college athletic career can sometimes spell the end of an athlete’s ability to play the sport they love. For high school and college fastpitch softball players in the Eau Claire area ...

Time to Saddle Up

Northern Light Cowboys ready for Carson Park action

Luc Anthony

Since the mid-2000s, organized warm-weather adult football has had a presence in the Eau Claire metropolitan area. The Chippewa Valley Predators had been around for over a decade, and were ...

Swinging for the Fences Again

The Brewers have beaten conventional wisdom in recent seasons. CAN that trend continue in 2019?

Luc Anthony

What can be expected of the team that consistently beats expectations? Perfection? More wins than games played?

Kicking Higher and Higher

Eau Claire taekwondo competitors take aim at national tourney

Luc Anthony

My first cognition of taekwondo – as it may have been for you and much of the public – was in September 1988 during the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. This was its Olympic debut as a demonstration sport ...

Unique Uniformity

the NBA’s foray into creative jersey design inspires ideas for prep hoop teams

Luc Anthony

If you have caught part of a Bucks or Timberwolves game over the past year-plus – or even just some highlights – you may have come away a bit confused. Home teams wearing colored uniforms and road teams in white ...

Some Nineties Nostalgia We Could Do Without

lackluster year for Packers, Badgers football and basketball calls to mind ho-hum early ’90s

Luc Anthony

The three most popular teams in Wisconsin, including our part of the state, are the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers football, and Badger men’s basketball. We like the other prominent teams ...

Looking Good Out There

geography shapes our fandom, but so do sartorial preferences

Luc Anthony

Six-year-old me would have been envious of 40-year-old me.I fell in love with sports as a first-grader. I summarily began picking favorite teams, collecting baseball and football cards, and going to games. Gazing at pictures of NFL teams in action, one in particular ...

There Are Reasons to Hold Onto Brewer Fever

despite loss to Dodgers, the Brew Crew’s unexpected success could extend into 2019

Luc Anthony

The feeling of a World Series win in this region of the country has become something of a foreign concept. Twenty-seven years have passed since the Brewers or Twins made the Fall Classic; 36 years have come ...

Football Is Changing. Will Fans Change With It?

concussion concerns, offensive focus are examples of sport’s evolution

Luc Anthony

Clay Matthews is, perhaps, the second-best-known current Green Bay Packer. While he may never achieve Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement, he will be considered one of the better Packers of the Aaron Rodgers/Mike McCarthy era ...

2018 Football Preview: Going the Distance?

Packers can be contenders as long as Rodgers stays healthy

Luc Anthony

One summer ago, while on the radio previewing the 2017 Green Bay Packers season, I recall saying that if Aaron Rodgers ever were to get injured, any upgrades to the rest of the team would not matter for a Super Bowl run.

Gus the Great

Chippewa Falls native who revolutionized football is focus of new biography

Luc Anthony

The modern game of football is centered on the forward pass. Today, quarterbacks and wide receivers attain yardage and reception statistics that, a half-century ago, would have been considered nearly inhuman; those numbers are now expected today in order to help your team to a championship.

Time to Mull the Gull

the next time we pick a local mascot, how about the seagulls? (seriously)

Luc Anthony

The Chippewa Valley is at a zenith in terms of minor league-style athletics. Combine the new Chippewa Steel of the nationally-renowned NAHL with the well-established Eau Claire Express ...

Ready, Aim, Fore!

forays into golf, trap shooting push writer’s boundaries

Luc Anthony

There are certain activities in life that we would just as soon never do. Some are required – taking out the garbage, doing paperwork – and some are optional, but lead to frustration or indifference or distaste ...

Two for the Ages

in their own ways, Billy Noss and Glenn St. Arnault shaped Eau Claire baseball for decades

Luc Anthony

One month, two baseball legends, both no longer of this planet. Two of the most-present fixtures in the baseball section of Carson Park were Billy Noss and Glenn St. Arnault, both in their late 70s ...

Prep Sports Were Snow Fun This Spring

extended winter conditions wreak havoc with high school schedules

Luc Anthony

You probably know the common saying about the western Wisconsin climate: We have nine months of winter, and three months of bad sledding. Sure, in most years this seems like hyperbole, but 2018 ...

For Brewers, the Future May Be Now

the Brew Crew’s rebuilding process is proceeding faster than anticipated

Luc Anthony

In sports, sometimes you have to bottom-out to top-off, though such a process does not guarantee that you will get back to the top. Lately, some teams in Major League Baseball have realized that their current ...

Don’t Forget Ta Keep ’Er Movin’

Manitowoc Minute star Berens returns to the Valley

Luc Anthony, photos by Luong Huynh

Over the past few months, your social media feed may have been populated by what looks like a local news brief set in eastern Wisconsin. If you took the bait and clicked “play” you discovered the satiric genius ...

Time for an NHL Border Battle

Could Wisconsin support a pro hockey team?

Luc Anthony

I think the time has come to move some hockey teams. You can thank Emilio Estevez.

Inside the Super Bubble

Humvees, zip lines, sports stars, and the view from the Super Bowl’s ‘Radio Row’

Luc Anthony

The National Football League apparently has an obscure bylaw (Article XXIII, section 23.2, subsection A) dictating that the Super Bowl shall be played in the Twin Cities every 26 years. Super Bowl XXVI – the 26th edition ...

Averse to a Curse?

the Vikings’ improbable Divisional playoff victory could signal the end of their long history of misfortune – or not

Luc Anthony

What happened in a football stadium 90 minutes west of here on the evening of Jan. 14 brought a most-vexing sports question to the fore: Can a team be cursed?If you have read more than a handful ...

Cheering For the Enemy

the inside story of how a Packer backer ended up rah-rahing for the Vikings

Luc Anthony

lly in life, we don’t face a dichotomy of personal preference and career choice. For most of us, it is a matter of what is fun versus what gets us a paycheck. Imagine a different example: you support the Packers, but you have an opportunity ...

A Sports Fan's Gift Guide

what to get for that Packer (or Badger or Buck or Brewer) Backer on your Christmas list

Luc Anthony

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, and you still may find yourself wondering what Christmas gift to purchase for the sports-loving person in your life. Perhaps I can help, with the first-ever Athletic Aesthetic Holiday Shopping Guide ...

Get a Ticket for the Greek Show

The Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo is poised for NBA superstardom. Will Wisconsin sports fans notice?

Luc Anthony

It’s pronounced “AHN-TEH-to-KOONM-poh.” Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you now know how to explain the topic of this column to your friend/significant other/child. The topic at hand ...

He Was Wrong, but That's All Right

Brewers, Twins exceed expectations of subpar performance in recently ended season

Luc Anthony

When you make predictions, you ideally want your prediction to be proven correct; this is a point of personal pride, perhaps an indicator of clairvoyance or a badge of expertise ...

Could They Go All the Way?

Packers, Badgers poised for big successes … if they can play defense

Luc Anthony

One could make the case that the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers are on the cusp of historic football seasons. With a roster full of receiving talent and a future Hall Of Famer to throw the ball to said talent ...

So You Wanna Be a Fan?

if you don’t have a hometown favorite, the rules for picking a favorite pro sports franchise are not so simple

Luc Anthony

Odds are that you are a Wisconsin sports fan. You like the Packers, the Badgers, and probably the Brewers and the Bucks. Yet, you like hockey. The Badgers have a respected program, but with there is no National Hockey League ...

Turf Transformations

artificial playing fields are experiencing a renaissance in football – and even baseball

Luc Anthony

As the summer of 2017 progresses, I find myself visiting a new website: the Luther College “Valley Cam” – if you are a regular reader of this column, you know I am a proud alum of the school ...

Merging Into the Fast Lane?

arrival of ride-sharing services signifies city’s growth, but it’s not the only tipping point

Luc Anthony, illustrated by Mackenzie Slattery

A few months ago in this Opening Letter space, I wrote about what seemed the determining factor in Eau Claire’s ascendance to big-city status: the moment when Uber would choose to establish itself in the city ...

Who ARE These Guys?

traditionally low-profile teams have risen to top of the NBA, NHL

Luc Anthony

The month of June brings the championship series of two of the four or five major pro sports leagues in America: the NBA Finals, and the NHL’s Stanley Cup Final. As with any league, there are legendary franchises ...

From Project Runway to March Madness

when you’re married to a superfan, sports are part of your life – whether you like it or not

Luc Anthony, Marie Anthony

I’ll be honest. This sports thing doesn’t come easy to me. My heart is happiest with Tim Gunn “make it work moments” and strawberry-peach margaritas. If two years ago someone told me there would come a day I’d be watching ...

Should Leagues Dump the Draft?

pro sports drafts are unfair to players, but getting rid of them could have unintended consequences

Luc Anthony

One of the remarkable aspects of sports in the 2010s has been the challenging of assumed athletic norms. Whether you agree with the alterations or not, a 2009 version of yourself may not have expected ...

In Baseball, Hope Doesn't Always Spring Eternal

as season opens, it’s hard to imagine Twins or Brewers sticking around until fall

Luc Anthony

The high temperature was around 60, the sun was shining, and my wife and I spent a Sunday afternoon grilling burgers and eating outside ...

Out of His League

columnist learns lessons about teamwork and hustle in tryout for Chippewa Valley Predators

Luc Anthony

How many times have you been watching a football game, saw a defender whiff on a tackle, and said out loud, “That guy’s terrible, I could do better than that.” ...