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GET A CLUE: Clearwater Clues Medallion Hunt returns Dec. 26

get historical clues and try your hand at finding this year’s hidden medallion

Luc Anthony |

A new wintertime search for a special hidden object is back. The Clearwater Clues Medallion Hunt – a partnership with the Eau Claire Sculpture Tour – returns on Dec. 26 and will run as late as Jan. 2. Like last year, the reason for the to-be-determined finish date is the question of when someone finds the special medallion.

Organizer Andy Brown has helped put together previous iterations of the Clearwater Clues events. He notes that the hunts involve learning local history via daily clues directing participants to places like Landmarks Commission signs, historic Eau Claire spots, and sculptures. “They put the clues together to find a hidden medallion or its location,” he says.

The first to find the medallion from the series of clues will receive a prize package from Chippewa Valley-based businesses. Others who identify the hiding place of the medallion will be entered in a drawing for local gift cards.

Any person or entity that would like to sponsor Winter Hunt 2023-24 or donate a prize can find a form on the Clearwater Clues Medallion Hunt Facebook page (@clearwaterclues); general information is on the same page. As the folks behind the hunt say: Learn History. Support Local. Have Fun!