Come On, Get Healthy

new wellness-focused business opens in Artisan Forge

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Hannah Koschak
Hannah Koschak

Hannah Koschak has long been striving to educate others on food and health, and with the opening of her new business, Wholesome Endeavors, she is able to do just that.

Working as a registered dietician working in a clinical setting wasn’t what Hannah expected, with the days dragging by and work constantly feeling deflating. She quit her job but quickly realized she missed the hands-on work of empowering others. Hannah started Wholesome Endeavors in 2018 with the desire to help prevent diseases that are brought on by poor overall health.

“People don’t know what’s helping or hurting them,” she said. “I just felt that people would do better for their health if they knew better.”

Wholesome Endeavors is a multifaceted small business that offers in studio events, individual counseling, and a six-month program, Empower Your Health. Hannah focuses on teaching the positives of a plant-forward diet and the effects of an overall positive outlook on food. Her services include monthly webinars where participants discuss new health trends (dieting, exercise, etc.), access to a supportive Facebook page with current and past members, grocery store tours, workbooks paired with educational online videos, and more. 

Hannah’s main goals from her studio, located in Artisan Forge (1106 Mondovi Road, Eau Claire), are to help others be confident in food choices and focus on lifestyle changes, enjoying the journey along the way.

A helpful resource for those changes, “New Year Now You” is an online program with videos every Monday during the month of January, where professionals educate on many ways to enhance health.

Hannah also partners with another local woman, Elizabeth Leigh-Bradley, to offer subscription boxes for care workers. (more information about this can be found at everydaycaregivers.com.) 

Wholesome Endeavors is open to men and women, although the programs offered are targeted more toward women, due to the fact that women are more susceptible to experiencing guilt and shame over health-related issues.

“Weight stigma is so strong, but (it’s) not the real problem,” Hannah said. “Skip the resolution and focus on enhancing your health – NOT revolved around weight loss. You may actually see weight loss that sticks.”

Hannah is from Stevens Point, and has lived in Eau Claire for five years. She has been supported by this community since day one, and now aims at being a resource and support system for others in the area. In recent years, she won The Spark Award (which recognizes health based businesses) and The Red Letter Grant (which recognizes and funds women business owners). Hannah has been uplifted by others while on her journey, including her immediate family, Northwoods Therapy Association, and Polka Dot Powerhouse sisters Michelle Markquart, Elizabeth-Leigh Bradley, and Ashley Kosharek.

Hannah leaves us with a piece of advice as we take off into 2020: “Be a role model for yourself. Envision the healthy lifestyle you want to lead, and build your self-worth by modeling your vision, to yourself.”

To learn more about Wholesome Endeavors, visit wholesomeendeavors.com.