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Local Conservation Group Raising Awareness

Anna Semanko |

Let’s face it: Eau Claire is beautiful. And there’s one non-profit group working to keep it that way and help it live up to it’s Clear Water name – River Country Resource Conservation and Development Council (RC&D). The group was previously federally funded, but due to recent budget cuts they were forced to go solo. If you’re looking to make a tax-deductible donation or volunteer some time this holiday season, don’t overlook RC&D (visit RiverCountryRCD.org). These donations go toward consevation and development projects accross West Central Wisconsin for sustainable farming, watersheds, renewable energy, praire restoration, grazing assistance, and local food. If your budget has also been cut, leaving you donation-less (as the majority of us are), let’s still give a hoo-rah for keeping our region pretty and prepared.