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A Rough Year

this year’s harvest was tough for many farmers

Kinzy Janssen, Anna Semanko, photos by Andrea Paulseth

With fall just around the corner, everyone is prepping for corn mazes, apple orchards, and fresh crops at the local farmer’s market. With the varying weather over the past year and extreme temperatures we have seen of late, it’s no surprise that ...

Thirty Years in the Pines

local community festival celebrates big anniversary

Anna Semanko

On August 25 and 26, wander into the forest for a magical adventure… or into Carson Park for the 30th annual Festival in the Pines. Benefiting local non-profits and bringing the community together (for longer than I’ve been alive) ...

IFC Picks up Dahmer Movie

Anna Semanko

Wisconsin is known for many things – beer, dairy, cheese curds… and serial killers. Eau Claire native Andrew Swant, along with Joe Riepenhoff and producer Chris James Thompson, has written a documentary showcasing Milwaukee’s most infamous ...

Bloomer Artist Keeps Lacemaking Alive

Anna Semanko

In early August, Lacemakers from throughout North America gathered at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown St. Paul, MN to teach their craft and show off their work at the 59th annual International Old Lacemakers, Inc. Convention. Among them was ...

How to Make a Cheesemaker

the controversy surrounding licensing for cheesemakers

Anna Semanko, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Despite what the commercials try to tell us, we all know that the cows are much happier in good old Wisconsin (the dairy state) than in the California heat.

Huge Hip-hop

Ludacris collaborator headed to House of Rock

Anna Semanko

Move… and get out the way for the House of Rock’s hip-hop show on August 25. You’ve heard of Ludacris, 50 Cent, and Trina – well you won’t be seeing any of them, but some of these fellows have worked directly with the aforementioned. Headlining ...

New Plastic Theatre

Twin Cities theatre troupe stuffed with locals

Anna Semanko

When someone says “theatre,” what image comes to mind? Typically, one may imagine a thick velvet red curtain flowing open to bright lights shining over a prop-filled stage. A simple story line of rehearsed words, fading in and out from scene to ...


three local artists unite for one final show

Anna Semanko, photos by Nick Meyer

If you make your way down to the corner of Short Street and Ferry Street in Eau Claire, you won’t find just anyone’s home. Since 1970, pottery has been fired up in this Shawtown neighborhood shop, now known as Caradori Pottery. The gallery is now ...

Making Furry Friends

ways to support the Eau Claire City Humane Society

Anna Semanko, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I’ve never met a person who can resist a wet-nosed, waggly-tailed, droopy-eyed puppy – even those who claim to be cat people. And if you can’t handle the slobber, a cuddly little kitten never hurt anyone either. While I would love to ...

Thirty people dressed in white: Eau Claire's Diner En-Blanc

Anna Semanko

On the evening of Friday, June 8, a group of over 30 people dressed entirely in white (with the occasional pair of black pants) may have been spotted dining at white tables covered in white table cloths, eating on white dishes ...

A Symphony of Flowers

Chippewa Valley Symphony takes you back to the gardens

Anna Semanko

It’s about that time of year for pulling weeds and planting flowers and vegetables (and whatever else you feel the need to grow). And if you’ve ever done any gardening – I think it can be agreed that it’s not always an easy job ...

Harvest Some Farm Fun

Farm Artisan and Fiber Festival comes to Whitehall

Anna Semanko

Bah-bah black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir… at the Harvest Home Farm Artisan and Fiber Festival. On Saturday, June 16, from 10am to 4pm, the Harvest Home Farm in Whitehall, Wis. will be hosting this first event show ...

Exploring Delish Cuisine

Anna Semanko

It’s not a challenge to find a place to grab a bite to eat on Hastings Way. But how about finding a place where you have a choice between a gyro, a salad, pizza, chicken wings, or fish? Well, we’ve found it! This appetizing smorgasbord that has ...

On the Lake

new book from Menomonie poet Warren Lang

Anna Semanko, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If you travel to the north a little less than 200 miles, you will eventually stumble upon the beautiful Lake Superior. But you no longer have to take the treacherous car ride to experience the beauty. Thanks to a Menomonie resident; you can ...

Downtown Eau Claire Wants to Give You Money

Anna Semanko, photos by Andrea Paulseth

When you’re wandering in downtown, what is your destination? Maybe you’re grocery shopping at Just Local Food, getting a massage at Body Focus or perhaps you’re more likely to be caught chowing down on a sandwich ...


faith-based metal band to unveil debut LP

Anna Semanko

With the release of their new record Empty Handed on the horizon, self-proclaimed “spirit-filled hardcore” band Conveyer has their hands full. “Conveyer itself means ‘messenger,’ ” guitarist and vocalist, Ty Brooks says. “I wanted it to be a ..."

Where Books, Music, and Dancing Collide

Anna Semanko

Music, dance and reading … what do these things have in common? Maybe not much, but local families will get the chance to put them together on Saturday, March 10. As part of Jazz Fest, the Jump, Jive, and Read program gives kids ...

Back to the Box

quirky resale shop re-opens in downtown Menomonie

Anna Semanko, photos by Leah Dunbar

Tucked away in the basement of a building in downtown Menomonie that is overflowing with vintage treasures, one will find a section dotted with bright orange and green bags, bow ties, British rockstar leather and wooden boots, lunchboxes, wigs, ...

Japanese "Snow Battles" Spread to U.S.

Anna Semanko

Growing up in Wisconsin, I’ve found myself in many snowball-slinging situations. Little did I know that in Alaska (and accross the globe), many grown adults are engaging in the same activity – only they’re calling it “yukigassen.” Originating at ...

Local Conservation Group Raising Awareness

Anna Semanko

Let’s face it: Eau Claire is beautiful. And there’s one non-profit group working to keep it that way and help it live up to it’s Clear Water name – River Country Resource Conservation and Development Council (RC&D). The group was previously ...

Going Long(Board)

group of Menomonites challenge longboarding ordinance

Anna Semanko

Fun fact: A longboard is simply a skateboard, but longer. While skateboarders are usually caught doing ollies, kick flips, and crazy-spinny-madoddles, longboarders are more often found cruising around as a mode of transportation.

Parkside Pie & Ice Cream

a sweet new addition to Phoenix Park eateries

Anna Semanko, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Glimpse | Local Parks: Beyond Playgrounds

Anna Semanko, photos by Andrea Paulseth

As the summer rolls in, the many parks of Eau Claire fill up. With accouterments and niceties continually added, these parks are also filling out. So who’s the masked figure behind these creations?